Workplace Security Essentials: A Guide for Helping Organizations Create Safe Work | Ebook

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Whether you are a business owner, department manager, or even a concerned employee, Workplace Security Essentials will show you how to improve workplace safety and security using real-life examples and step-by-step instructions. Every organization, be it large or small, needs to be prepared to protect its facilities, inventory, and, most importantly, its staff. Workplace Security Essentials is the perfect training resource to help businesses implement successful security measures, boost employee morale and reduce turnover, protect the companys reputation and public profile, and develop the ability to process and analyze risks of all kinds. Workplace Security Essentials helps the reader understand how different business units can work together and make security a business functionnot a burden or extra cost.shows how to identify threats using tried-and-true methods for assessing risk in any size organizationuses real-world examples and scenarios to illustrate what can go wrongand what can go right when you are preparedprepares the reader for worst-case scenarios and domestic violence that may spill over into the workplaceprovides a clear understanding of various electronic systems, video surveillance, and burglar alarms, and how to manage a security guard forceincludes online resources for those teaching security management

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