Wild: Security guard brawls with shoplifter in Walmart over beef – Police looking for suspect

Wild: Security guard brawls with shoplifter in Walmart over beef – Police looking for suspect

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TUCSON – Pima County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for a shoplifter who stole $150 worth of beef from a southwest-side Walmart Neighborhood Market after getting into a physical confrontation with the store’s security guard.

Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 2823 W. Valencia Road at about 9:15 p.m. on September 26, according to a news release from PCSD.

The store manager told deputies he saw a man enter the store, grab a shopping basket, then walk to the meat department and load up on $150 worth of beef. When the suspect tried to leave the store without paying, the security manager confronted him by the store’s exit, and a “brief physical altercation ensued,” the PCSD release states.

A vehicle had pulled up, and the male driver got out of the car and assisted the shoplifting subject. Both men fled the scene in the car.

Anyone who can identify the suspect shown in the surveillance video or with any other information on the case is asked by PCSD to call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME.

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  1. Police were still looking for the suspect after this altercation? How did
    that fatass even get away from security in the first place?

  2. Walmart is one of the top 10 richest billionaire worldwide. I dont know why
    they make such a big fuss about some beef. You stupid employees out Ur life
    in the line for a company that doesnt even know you exist.

  3. He is well within his rights to sue the store and charge the security guard
    with assault even if he did intend to steal for the simple fact he did not
    leave the store with the goods, he was on his phone put the basket down the
    security rushed him….he did not steal anything because he did not leave
    the premises with the goods

  4. If that guy with the basket is smart he would press charges against the
    security guard as well as file a lawsuit against him and walmart. The man
    did not leave the store with any unpaid for items, let alone even get
    within 5 feet of the exit… That security guard is a huge liability for
    walmart, and I hope they got rid of him.

  5. i always act like im walk out with items then play it off by getting
    something that was close to the door just to see whose watchin me

  6. I was a Loss Prevention Officer for Wal-Mart while I was In college, and a
    person does not have to leave the store for an attempted theft to happen..
    All they have to do is pass the last point of sale, which this man did

  7. "What’s beef? Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep

    Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets

    Beef is when I see you

    Guaranteed to be an ICU, one more time

    What’s beef? Beef is when you make your enemies start your Jeep

    Beef is when you roll no less than thirty deep

    Beef is when I see you

    Guaranteed to be an ICU, check it"

  8. To assist in training: Ok. In this scenario being that this shoplifter
    outweighs the security and is clearly trying to force his way out, the
    guard should have immediately taken him down to the ground INSIDE THE
    STORE. Not let him get out side where he was able to get assistance from
    his partner in crime. 

  9. Why do people care so much? It’s not even their shit and Walmart CLEARLY
    rips off the public. I read an article years back about how Walmart could
    give away everything they sold for 3 months country wide and still make a
    more than a billion in profit at the end of the year. Certainly Walmart
    doesn’t pay that man enough to risk injury, face lawsuit–not to mention
    degrade another human like that! Desperate times we live in that people
    will sell their souls for a few pennies from War-mart.

  10. Must have been some tasty beef. I’d smack a motha fucka over some free
    range, organic black angus 

  11. Haha loser who couldn’t even get past the 6 month easy ass program to be a
    dumbass cop takes his job too serious. He should just call him out but
    never fight. Wtf. It’s Walmart. Billion dollar company. And that guy stole
    probably less than 100 dollars of shitty Walmart stuff. It’s not the
    guard’s money or property. Fuck that, I’m not getting hit over someone
    stealing from my place of work. It’s not my money and they wouldn’t even be
    able to tell they lost money. Unless it’s thousands of dollars, Walmart
    wouldn’t even look into it. 

  12. He can’t be changed because he didn’t leave the store with the merchandise.
    They should have waited until stepping out the door. At this point he can’t
    be detained

  13. you can’t arrest someone or accuse someone of shoplifting or stealing until
    they step outside the store. As far as anyone knows he could of put it in
    his pocket to pay later. You can’t put your hands on someone who hasn’t put
    something in his pocket and stepped out of the store.

  14. Clip no1 or the winner clip, aslong as he dont got video or evidence of it
    this looks more like a lawsuit happening for false arrest. Its almost like
    shouting at the dog the day after the dog s*** on the rug.

  15. Dang I didn’t kno Walmart employees, could even touch ppl like
    that….Crazzzzzyyy…. Wut if that guy would’ve had a knife n stabbed him
    just so he could get away….Crazzzzzyyy…. Now these days the employees
    seem to becoming alot more intense….Crazzzzzyyy…. Cant we all just get
    along!? lol

  16. Well Wal-Mart is ghetto you notice where they put them stealing food what a
    sad person if he needed food he could have sold his ass or got his knees

  17. He attacks the shoplifter before he even stole anything. Last I checked he
    was still inside the store when he attacked him

  18. I have done LP since 1997, and I asked a judge about this one because I was
    kind of curious myself. He told me that he has seen defense attorneys argue
    that their clients weren’t outside the store in front of him…..very
    similar to when stores have two sets of doors. Many Target stores for
    example have security towers and then two sets of doors to leave. He told
    me that the security towers would be considered a significant threshold to
    be considered outside the store. He also added that the customers intent
    and intentions were shown further by his actions after being approached by
    the LP staff/store member.

    Further….in many states you don’t have to go outside the
    store….concealment is the crime. So if a person was to steal several
    pairs of jeans in a bag, a police officer would not have to wait for them
    to exit in my state. Obviously the laws differ state to state as does the
    threshold for felony amounts, etc. Going outside the store is purely a
    corporate rule to show intention in my state.

  19. Did you see that annoying ga dam banner that you have to close out on the
    bottom of the video? How do you stop this stupid shit?

  20. So the fat lard-ass in the red shirt took some stuff and tried to walk out
    without paying? And someone dared interrupt his all-important cell-phone
    call to stop him?

  21. I do security work and I get payed better than the Walmart guys, yet I’m
    not going to try and tackle anybody unless I see them beating a toddler or
    something. Try and block the thief but don’t get into a physical
    altercation. A steak is not worth the medical bills or the LAWSUIT if you
    hurt the jackass.

  22. This is against protocol. YOu aren’t supposed to put hands on any customer,
    regaurdless. They are not security, they are loss prevention. The customer,
    although a thief, could probably sue Walmart for this. The most Loss
    Prevention can do is talk to the thief, follow him, get his information,
    and call the proper authorities.

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