Florida police release footage of a security guard who opened fire on armed masked men at an internet cafe.

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  1. Good for the security guard…
    That’s a hell of a man!
    5 out of 5 stars for him.
    Fukkk Yea!!

  2. but wait, doesn’t he need to be "sure" they are up to no good? I mean,
    maybe "they just be play’n yo." Maybe they just wanted people’s money and
    they didn’t want to hurt anyone. right? After all, you shouldn’t shoot
    people who just want to rob you, should you? And I’m done. Sorry for the
    sarcasm, but these days it seems appropriate.

  3. They think few ppl would react that fast or like that that’s only media
    propaganda… better educate yourself fools!

  4. Love watching great things like this. He had to have had trained because
    that’s an intense situation

  5. Cop sez he was surprised that the guard fired upon the attackers. I say I’m
    surprised that ol’ Barney Fife there (cop) could even get his pistol out of
    the holster. No doubt the guard knew his business.

  6. Guy was prepared to do what he had to do. Most security people are there
    for insurance and feel good reasons, and wholly incapable of this kind of
    decisive and effective action. I’d almost bet the security guard is a
    retired cop; he’s certainly looks old enough to be.

  7. Many retired cops move to Florida and get Armed Security jobs for extra
    cash. Hence, I tend to believe the guard is a retired cop.

  8. that security guard been busy in the gun range waiting for this day… in
    other words.. he was ready and anxious!

  9. Excellent tactics by the security dude. Making himself a moving hard to hit
    target and laying down accurate fire while doing so. I would say he takes
    his training seriously.

  10. the funny thing with robbers is that last century you had them. this
    century you have them. and next century guess what? seems like killing wont
    stop them.

  11. And those Demo-pussys say guns don’t save lives. They rather you use a
    knife to defense yourself with.

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