video of sleeping guards shakes nuclear industry

video of sleeping guards shakes nuclear industry

Kerry Beal was taken aback when he discovered last March that many of his fellow security guards at the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania were taking regular naps in what they called “the ready room.” When he spoke to supervisors at his company, Wackenhut Corp., they told Beal to be a team player.

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  1. Thank you President Obama, 2011 has proven itself a very lucrative year
    with ongoing tax-funded Federal cash-injections and unprecedented fiscal
    spending on export energy initiatives. Nuclear Power is as good for America
    as Obama’s expanded contract for offshore drilling with BP. Nuke Power and
    Offshore Drilling are among the safest, most economical ways to boost Wall
    Street profits by attracting more investors from the central banking cartel
    and profiteering High-Rollers such as Goldman Sachs.

  2. I used to work for Wacky-hut, or the other 50 derogatory names we found for
    them… and yes, they paid us next to nothing, bottom of the barrel
    benefits, terrible working environment… you’re right about that. There
    are times though, when you have to assess why you do a job. If you don’t
    love your job, you might be better suited for something else. Pay and
    benefits are nice, but if you aren’t happy, change it. 🙂 Be safe.

  3. The Guards Just look so bored! When seeing the same thing day in day out.
    And the clock seems to be getting slower and slower every time they look. i
    live in UK and used to be a guard too. we would take sleeping in turns as
    an Agreement with boss. We always had guards awake. I recomend that system
    to all security companies. sleep breaks.

  4. FYI we start at my plant around 17.33 hr and top out around 23 an hr. Good
    money in the security world for sure, but the amount of money has nothing
    to do with anything. Loosing attentiveness aka "sleeping" can happen to
    anyone on a post, regardless if your making 1 dollar or 100 dollars an

  5. i agree…im a security officer and security dont have good
    credability…but for an industry such as this, needs to be gaurded by the
    U.S. Government

  6. hi to mediamonarchy do you know the exact date of this news broadcast? i
    would like to reference this broadcast.

  7. The didn’t hire the whistle blower because the government paying the bills
    wants those facilities vulnerable. Otherwise a kraft international employee
    or an FBI agent might get shot when the plant a bomb.

  8. Things are the way they are because management wants them that way, because
    management tolerates them being that way, or because management does not
    know that they are that way.

    What else is not the way it ought to be?

  9. Ha! Sleeping guards are nothin’. In 1987, at the very same Peach Bottom
    nuclear power plant, the REACTOR OPERATORS were found sleeping in the
    control room. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ordered both nuclear units
    to be shutdown for a year. Philadelphia Electric Co. (PECO) was the owner
    and operator. This fiasco cost the PECO CEO and COO their jobs. The NRC
    found that the operators had brought in Stratoloungers which could fully
    recline. They testified that they were only resting their eyes.

  10. LOL…ohh wow…i missed one letter…whoppy!!! i tend to type faster than
    my brain sometimes, lol… FYI, i do not work in the mall or a bowling
    alley..if you must know, i work at a Honda manufacturing plant which makes
    the Odysees and Pilots…been here almost 2 years..been promoted to
    Sergeant, made officer of the quarter and im in the running for officer of
    the year….tell me about ur CREDIBILITY…

  11. lanCASTer co, pa. Why can’t people pronounce it right? It is really
    Lank-ister county.

  12. The wackenhut sucerity gaurds need to get some 5 hour energy. Or some red
    bull so they can get some alert time.Drink some rock star drink some jolt
    drink anything to keep ya ass awake on the job. Catch ZZZZZZ’s on your own
    time not work time. That sucks the snitch gets the ax with out him we would
    of never knew about it until a melt down would of happen and Lancaster Pa
    would of bein radio active because careless sucerity gaurds were snoring on
    the job. Lay off the fast food it makes me go zzz

  13. I worked for Wackenhut. The pay varies from account to account. I worked
    armed security at an animal research facility and was paid $14.80 an hour
    to start. From what I heat thse guys at the nuke we’re getting a very
    handsome wage like $20 + per hour. It’s just disgraceful.

  14. Dam what fucking idiots of course it is Wacken Hut those security gaurds
    can not gaurd a toliet. They are morons! They need to hire dependable
    gaurds sheesh!

  15. DMV = State Employees, not federal… The comment you replied to was
    referring to nuclear weapon sites… Operators and auto-shutdown units
    would be at power stations. Pay attention and perhaps you can avoid looking
    like an idiot in the future.

  16. The fire department is the model and it is right. Firemen SLEEP until the
    Alarm Rings then they rush to put out the fire. Police / Security? They
    MAKE their fires every day but pissing off Citizens. WHY are ALL security
    guards so turned on by women’s underwear in a suitcase, for example. They
    see it all day long yet each time it seems special to them? And WHAT is up
    with the poor anal hygeine. ?

  17. hihihi. what do you expect? they are only human and probably not the best
    paid ones. make a video in a russian nuclear fascility and watch them
    having a vodka party and doing it in the decontamination chamber. 🙂
    serious: we should turn all this soon_to_be_accidents off and turn to the
    sun! and plz engeneers out there: will I live to see the day with an
    affordable electric car that runs longer than ten minutes and faster than 5
    mpH?? :)

  18. Really poor job of hiding those whistleblowers’ identities, CBS. Wackenhut
    is HUGE in the security bizniz. Be scared, be very scared.

  19. Nuclear power is so dangerous. What a bunch of morons!! What’s it going to
    take to wake us up and realize that nuclear power is a dinosaur from the
    cold war age and need to be done away with!!

  20. OMG, SO BAD!! LOL, Firefighters and Paramedics have been sleeping on the
    job for years. It’s ok, the guy who took the vid was awake and could of
    easily woke the other up if there was a problem. all this is going to do is
    upset ignorant people and run down the reputation of good men.

  21. Yes, they are bored. I worked security / law enforcement many nights when
    nothing was happening. Nothing. And when you’re working a 12 or 16 hour
    shift, usually by yourself, that’s a lot of nothing. But what it boils down
    to is this: They have important jobs. They are collecting a decent payroll
    for doing next-to-nothing. They could at least have the common damn
    courtesy, if my tax dollars are paying them, to play cards or do
    -something- to stay conscious. Imho. Be safe.

  22. I worked my share of grave yard shifts at the research plant so I know what
    it’s like working over nighters. it’s not a natural thing for the human
    species to be awake all night seeing is how we’re not nocturnal animals
    like skunks and raccons LOL But you take the necessary measures to insure
    that you at least have a fighting chance. The first thing is a GOOD DAYS
    REST ! and not out all afternoon surfing & chasing pussy or what ever else
    LOL then trying to go to work on 4 hours sleep.

  23. I remember seeing guards having to walk around, and trip special boxes,
    that tell management, somebody is working. Wonder if they have those there?

  24. Them guards need some time off to rest. Let some other people make some
    good wages.

  25. You know when you pay a guard minimum wage what the fuck more do you
    expect. I’m a registered guard also and I can tell you clearly that we are
    underpaid and not respected by the very own company’s that hire us. We are
    as equal as dogs to them . Like putting a dog behind a fence. We get shit
    money , then you expect us to behave like trained MPs or a court officer.
    You get what you pay for is my logic. You pay me a living wage and most
    guards will put the effort to do the right thing and not get caught
    slacking. Pay a shit wage, then we sleep or do whatever, because nothing to
    lose over a shit job and a salary that cant even pay your rent with.
    Security guard wages are a joke, and so are the companies that pay the
    guards a dog wage at a high profile site as the WTC. Security companies
    can rake in anywhere between $29-$37 maybe more an hour for each guard. Out
    of that they give us a measly $9-10 hourly. They keep the rest. 

  26. What kind of security do you provide? Mall? Bowling Alley? Security at my
    nuclear plant does have good credibility. Heck, we can even spell. That’s
    at least one up on you.

  27. Their officers will face the same problems that Wackenhut’s did… Won’t
    change just because they are employed by Exelon.

  28. In Singapore also CISCO auxiliary police officers and security guards
    tasked to do the foreign worker management program also (outdoor patrol in
    3 man teams) also do that. 2 rounds of walking around and then up to
    Chancellor hotel 7th floor carpark and other coffeeshops to smoke, sleep,
    play handphone, etc, etc.

  29. And I remember usually between 3 and 4 AM the sleep monster comes. That’s
    when you go and make an outside round and get some fresh air and down a cup
    of java or 2. Falling asleep on duty like that just show’s me a blatant
    disregard for their responsibility , so i don’t agree with your statement.

  30. Good men don’t falsify legal documents. Good men to sleep when they have an

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