US Coast Guard Hitron Law Enforcement Homeland Security

US Coast Guard Hitron Law Enforcement Homeland Security

See how USCG Law Enforcement and Narcotics does their job in Hitron to keep he United States save from drugs.

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  1. I still don’t understand why in this day and age of robotics that they
    haven’t developed robotic systems for sniping. It should just be a matter
    of looking at a target through an eyepiece and the robotic system should
    take care of the rest. Apparently some of the military helicopters have
    that. It would mean the sniper wouldn’t need to be lucky or extremely
    skilled. It would also mean others less trained could take over his
    position if the need arose. I wonder if all those drugs really get
    destroyed. That’s a huge temptation for those that confiscate it to resell
    it. Hopefully there are no problems with integrity and there are also
    watchdog programs, just in case. I know George Bush was a cokehead in
    Harvard so he better not be a coastguard. lol

  2. If by goverment you mean fed LEO like FBI you most likely will need a 4
    year degree. If you mean any LEO like you local PD it depends on what they
    want. As to military it helps but no really a requirement.

  3. Isn’t that terrorism? I hardly think that drug smuggling is acceptable, nor
    do I think invasion of a nation is fair. So by all means, protect your
    borders, and if you want a strong military, all the power too you. But
    honestly, putting fear of America into other people is terrorism. Just
    thought I’d point out that it’s a double standard to fight a "war on
    terror" but still feel that you can do the same to others.

  4. Do you need military experience to be in any law enforcement agency im in
    high school and i would like to be in any goverment law enforcement agency
    but i still dont the answer to this ?

  5. yes, they shoot for the engine, however if a boat driver just so happens to
    be hit.. "collateral damage " ;]

  6. I have no problem with America’s armed forces being sufficiently formidable
    to "terrorize" our enemies into leaving us alone… to refrain from
    attacking us, out of fear for the consequences. When you scare an enemy
    into not attacking you, there is a word for it: Peace.

  7. Can’t the US Constitution just let the Cutters have fun and have a field
    day with the "Go Fast" and blow it to God all mighty with the Deck Gun…
    It would be much more simpler and it would make South American Smugglers
    think choice about not only doing the run but even getting remotely close
    to a US Coast Guard Warship… Best known for saving lives… get out of
    here they first came into inception as Armed Tax Collectors that waged war
    with other Nations Navies and vessels refusing to pay…

  8. If the potential damage which can be inflicted by our United States Armed
    forces terrorizes our enemies so much that they refrain from attacking us,
    well, there’s a word for it. That word is… Peace.

  9. Wow good catch, maybe you should write them a letter and tell them that 223
    years doesn’t mean anything and to come back when they have some real
    achievements to discuss.

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