Underage drug addiction soared 60% in 5 years – Putin admits failure of Russian anti-drug strategy

Underage drug addiction soared 60% in 5 years – Putin admits failure of Russian anti-drug strategy

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Russian President Vladimir Putin reported a drastic increase in underage drug use at the Security Council meeting in Moscow on Friday, April 28. “The number of underage drug addicts has soared by 60 percent” said the President adding that no “considerable” reduction in drug use has been observed over the past five years.
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  1. Legalize psilocybin mushrooms. They are not toxic, hold no addiction potential, and actually have positive psychological effects long term after use. Plus they cause less dangerous loss of inhibition than alcohol. They were only made illegal because they have similarity to LSD so lawmakers tacked mushrooms onto their legislation of things to ban.

    Also, cannabis should be made legal. It’s not that bad. More problems come from it’s prohibition than from it’s legality.

  2. First the huge alcohol and murder problem in Russia and now the skyrocketing drug addiction of youth. At least Mr. Putin accepts failure and will work towards solutions. Meanwhile the lost Russians simply make excuses.

  3. This is the reason why I like the Russian government. They adress these problems. In this case drug problem. In other case for example corruption. They don’t hide it. They present reality to people. Long live Russia

  4. Replace drugs by sport. Health and well being is a superior god, by far, with no side effects.

  5. war against drugs is falling evrywhere,Putin must think ahead and see the onlyt way to stop drug dealers anda mafias is the state controle it!

  6. Russian Mafia which is a subsidiary of the Jewish Mafia. This can also include Russian athlete doping. The Mafia MUST be dealt with and yes, that means dealing with Russian Jews and all the holocaust squealing to come.

  7. wtf is with white people and drugs? doesn’t matter if its britain, or amerikkka or russia.
    all cracka ass crackas love to have their head fucked.

  8. Only retards and low lifers take drugs. If human being morally & and spiritually super, he wont take drugs. Only way to beat drugs is make better society with high morals and discipline.

  9. And I’d be willing to bet money that the US is involved in compounding the situation by flooding the market with fresh opium product that the Marines have been protecting! Anything to weaken the Big Bear!

  10. excuses me intervention before hearing what mein tov tsar said but I would want to say :first must regker"onu work".how people can love normal in situation extrême traumas and internats conflits without sole opium no du peuple but to say cold"patience .I rapelle you that France first consommateurs of deug légales lobby zombie.and plants actifs molécules may used.but rabota chaos ..

  11. president Duterte of Philippine is right kill all pusher and seller in no time your country will be free from drugs and go for the corrupted officer

  12. Drug dealers can be beneficial for the humanity. All that is needed is bullet in their neck and immediate donation of their organs.

  13. Says it,, How it is!! Regardless of the Issue! A True, Rational Leader…..unlike the "other" side of this world,, cough cough…neocon!! cough zionist banking industry!

  14. Legalize NON Medical use of Marijuana Mr Putin. It will solve much of the addictive drug problems. I would rate all pot smokers that I know to be less of a threat to anyone than the non pot smokers! Alcohol drinkers on the other hand and a definite threat to others in many ways. don’t believe the western governments’ propaganda on Marijuana! It’s completely FALSE. Do your own studies!

  15. So what have these young adults to look forward to? Big social projects? nope…Do they make good money have a good home to raise children…are the girls wanting your young men? nope…you need a mission for your humans or they go depressed like all the other countries on this stupid planet, get a clue…humans will grow depressed when poor and no goals in life.

  16. well Donald Trump doesn’t like drugs either it’s also cutting his country damn you guys have things in common work together put the wall up you see they won’t be able to traffic anymore drugs it’ll be harder I understand what’s going on in Russia they’re not producing enough people because there is too much drugs

  17. If the usa exports this shit, it corrupts the working sprit and moral fibre of russia.Destroys It from within. look there.

  18. Some of those men look like "If I wasn’t afraid of being assassinated; I would walk out of this meeting right now".
    *His minions don’t look happy*

  19. Learn from the Philippines. In part. Go for tje big guys, not the small pedlars. Education and reform are imperative tools, or you get a nation of anti socal people jailed for using recreational drugs on various occasions of use. Also, the police are selling the best stuff in league with the mafia. So is this a show trial.

  20. Returning to Romanticism will cure this. The western perverts have destroyed what it is to be family, gender and a community. Understanding the code to life and why the universe was created can lead your society to a renaissance of the 21st century. I know this and I am suppressed in the country I live because it is too traditional.  It would be nice to visit Russia.

  21. it is the parents fault is not just the government, drugs will always be available for the ones who wants it, is a personal option like smokers and drinkers you can’t help someone who does not wants to help him/her/self

  22. Putin the pig has spoken once more from his a hole the gulag is now open for business.

  23. Young people start using drugs when they are not offered ways in life ….Under the communist regime in Romania we had plenty of activities to follow so we were not even thinking of using drugs ..We had sport clubs , technical clubs , agricultural activities and picking medicinal plants activities and most of all we had a free and peace full society .

  24. Russia people here need to be aware that prescribed pain killers and tranquilizers like xanax and valium, easily given out by doctors, cripple a countries work ethic, as they are as addictive as heroin . Jailing people will destroy them too. Either way, is not a solution .What are the causes

  25. the whole Putin term is a disaster for holly Russia, he is highly corrupted person in power of all times.

  26. Not just in Russia. Europe, America too. I myself used to be a victim of drug abuse during teenage years. Drugs are available on every corner no wonder more and more youths are using.

  27. herion needs to stop coming over here meth made in Mexico. and cocaine. more treatment centers. I’m going to build up some new facilities to help them out. there human and good people just like us. they need help. they can recover

  28. War against drugs is foolish and a waste of time and only feeds the illegal trade.
    For thousands and thousands of years the concept of making a medicine illegal or restricted was never even considered. Now it is perpetuated by the ignorance of the masses who cant see past the scam of the drug war. The war is against the people.
    Medicines are and will always be under the direction of medical professionals to those who have sense. Legal requirement for the use of certain medicines under doctors supervision is sufficient to stem any abuse problems and if anything will reduce abuse of medicines in general.

  29. Obviously (((democracy))) is behind this…Russia still has too much freedom, radical rightwing authoritarianism is needed in Russia. Putin has his worldview too polluted with the values of the (((French Revolution)))…Zhirinovsky would be the right man for Russia.

  30. Yeah! White text on a white background ….. do you really think I am going to try watching this video?

  31. im Croatian and i was 15y old weed speed and alcohol is just a question of money..

  32. A successful "anti-drug strategy" is impossible. You would have to turn back the clock to the 1960’s. Reorganize the corrupt medical community and strip ultra powerful pharmaceutical corporations to the bone. Also an army of nihilistic liberal arts boys making money popularizing drug use while you’re trying to fight it doesn’t help.

  33. this is why i like putin he is honest no bullshit

    the war on drugs does not work just ask Iran

  34. The Americans and Europeans are the once behind all the drug trade in the world, when they cant win on the battle field they use proxy methods.

  35. to be honest its a hard battle with drugs. u need to roll out social schemes through schools and parents need to educate their children. then the authorities need good intel to clamp down on it. r

  36. Alchohol & sigarets are drugs too. Its more bigger problem for Russia. Every year 1 million people dead because all drugs (alchocol №1, more 600.000 people dead)

  37. Russia: It seems that we couldnt lower the percentage of drugs, its over 60%, we’ll ask the Philippines for help.

    Amerca: It seems that our policy for drugs worked for 10 years, we *cough* lower 20% percent *cough* of all americans that do drugs including those who were prescribed drugs.Our policy worked better than mexico that we have found very little evidence of drugs in America. *Sarcasm*

  38. Putin need not worry. The type of low life low IQ people who are all to keen to use drugs permeate mankind. They are just low life scum. Putin should not blame himself when somebody else genetically is a piece of crap.

  39. It´s good that RI shows also a video in which the government shows its failures. Because many western idiots think that Putin is some kind of Kim Jong Un, shown as god and glorified to indoctrinated population. Actually that shows their lack of knowledge about Russia.

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