toronto security guard is week

toronto security guard is week

Toronto security guard tries to take down a perpitrator but he is too week and just ends up dancing around with him

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  1. I swear that guy is a moron. First thing as a security guard that you are
    ttrained is for waiting on additional guards for backup. This guard
    literally thought that he was a badass and can take this 6"5 guy down on
    the ground. Bruh he is double your size. Some people just don’t realize and
    want to act tough, but sadly end up getting hurt. smh

  2. if it makes you feel better, i only started working security there in 2015
    when things were done properly :)

  3. Lol ur spelling jeez dealing w/arrest is not easy if u doing an arrest u
    must call back up and allowed to use reasonable force if suspect resisting

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