The Happiest Man Alive

The Happiest Man Alive

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Life Is Strange | Review

Meet WV Sugathapala, a random and chance encounter we had while stopped at a small bakery 80km south of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Despite living in poverty and being confronted by a world of problems, his life is simple, beautiful and full of smiles. But it is the why and how that will startle you. Enjoy! And please if you like this humble security guard’s moves and message then share them and help us get Sugathapala recognised as an officially tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.

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  1. I have been to this place recently and got to know that he is not working
    anymore due to some illness. So sad to hear that. :(

  2. I’ve came across him when we stopped for some cuppa tea at Monis! He was
    very cheerful and seen him smile all around made us feel energetic after a
    hectic drive ! 😀

    may Allah bless him 🙂 

  3. But deep inside he is sad. Smiling is the only way to not show your hard
    feelings… you guys know what I mean

  4. I learnt good lesson-he is enjoying his life in a street as a security
    person, this security guys paid less than 1000 Sri lanka rupees per day
    (its less than 10 USD) no need too much money to be happy, thanks for
    uploading good video.

  5. NOT the happiest man alive.I am way happier and then there’s Dalai
    Lama.Furthermore you don’t have to jump around like a faggot to be happy.

  6. Oh my hahah my dad just showed me this video, because we went into that
    bakery when we went to Sri lanka the last time. He really is like that all
    the time. He just seems to always have an aura of joy around him! 🙂 making
    everyone laugh or smile.

  7. Congratulations Mr. Sugathapala. You are an asset to Sri Lanka. blessing
    for long life and keep smiling.

  8. people like this amaze me. It’s so interesting when a person can be that
    happy. bizarre. Good for him.

  9. We have found the hero of ‘Life is Beautiful – The 2nd Part’ ?.I thought
    that film (the 1st part) could never be real…until now…

  10. I wish him all the best in his life.
    We have to learn a lot from him.
    Great service

    Salute. …

  11. I made this channel to make troll comments and see how many people I can
    get to reply, but this,, this is *amazing* :’)

  12. We just met him with that generous smile. Yes, there are million smiles
    around him. He is an amazing, charming human being !!!!

  13. I’m Sri lankan. Very Happy to see this. I wish your happy forever
    Mr.Sugathapala. Cheeeeers!!!

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