The Bouncer Prank

The Bouncer Prank

No security guards were hurt in the making of this video.
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  1. i love how they say, " you’ve been pranked! black box tv!!!" as if they’re
    supposed to know what black box tv is lol

  2. I hope they paid them in advance, because some of them could’ve been actual
    people who needed a job.

  3. Damnit what is the name of this prank show? I’ve been looking all over for
    it and this prank is from that show but of course you don’t list the name.
    It was called like "Stage 55" or something.

  4. 1:56 that dude saw his own death. His face when paused is of genuine
    terror. In other words he shit his pants.

  5. I come here to watch this prank when I want to be reminded of when +
    BlackBoxTV was good…ah, the memories!

  6. If u could freeze frame on some of the guys who got touched in the dark,
    lol…brilliant…on so many levels, the setting, the electrical cut off,
    the brilliant night vision camera, the sounds of chaos and mayhem, and to
    top if all off, the gentle ‘caress’ in the dark with the night vision
    camera rolling….I mean this is one of the best set up and filming in the
    history of Cinema!

  7. this hat man is really a good actor, with a combination of sound and
    effects it makes me really laugh hard!.., but so sorry for the people who
    gets prank. i think its a violation of their peace and sanity. give them a

  8. A really good attempt but fake. Look at the final guy scene..

    At 3:17 there is ONE box on the floor.

    Then at 3:22 there are THREE to FOUR boxes on the floor.

    Then at 3:26 only one box on the floor.

    Great attempt though.

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