The Boss Dances Like a BOSS! John Griffith Dancing to Travis Porter

The Boss Dances Like a BOSS! John Griffith Dancing to Travis Porter

California Conservation Corps members Antwon McCoy and Leonard Patton aren’t just hard workers. They are also very good dancers who have taught their big nature nerd/mountain man boss (John Griffith) more than a few dance moves (song is Ay Ladies by Travis Porter). When they aren’t busting moves, all three do a lot of trail building, salmon habitat restoration, and tree planting in the CCC. John Griffith is also the author of a fast-paced, multicultural eco-fantasy novel for readers ten and up titled “Totem Magic: Going MAD.” It is available on John donates 100% of the proceeds of his book to wildlife care centers, and groups that promote ethnic/racial diversity within the conservation movement. Check out Totem Magic: Going MAD at
Support youth who make a difference in our communities and the environment. Check out the CCC at Find a corps program near you at: Check out Totem Magic: Going MAD on Facebook And follow me on twitter @TotemMagic Also.. John Griffith is creator of the Bioblitz Dance. The Bioblitz Dance is a celebration of the outdoors, check it out on my channel:

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  1. This is literally my favorite video of all time ever… in life. (I don’t
    want to admit how many times I’ve watched this video)
    After watching more videos, I think its awesome how you’re using this to
    bring awareness to everything you do.

  2. I literally watch this before starting my morning everyday because it’s
    that bright spot in a very dark world these days.

  3. After all these years, I still comeback to video and watch it from time to
    time. "Hardhat" Guy’s reaction get me everytime! Thank you for this video.
    It captures a truly genuine feel good moment. Regardless of skin color
    (with the craziness happening recently) Thanks again.

  4. This is one of the best videos on leadership that I have ever seen. I was
    raised in Fortuna. Glad to see such a great example from our area. Well
    done, John!

  5. I’m screaming @0:57 seconds when he hangs on and starts doing the splits
    and John just dragging him along.hahahahahahaha I am literally in tears

  6. crazy I’m white and 17 years old have all black friends and I can’t have
    the rhythm to do what some 40 white guy just did, I’m not one of the lucky

  7. I can watch this a million times and it will put a bit smile on my face. In
    person, you are even MORE awesome in every way!

  8. Hi John,

    I truly enjoyed watching you dance. Thank you for sharing, it’s
    exhilarating, clean and fun.

    Perhaps, you should audition for "So You Think You Can Dance"?

    I definitely look forward to seeing more videos with you dancing. And I did

    Take care.


  9. That hug tho… Watched this for years now! Always a smile. Perfect mix of
    summer camp and #YesWeCan.

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