Student Beats Up School Security Guard

Student Beats Up School Security Guard

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  1. He didn’t beat up anyone in fact the only reason he didn’t get whooped is
    cuz the guts is patient professional and intelligent

  2. That’s funny that rob cop wannabe thought he was going to get one up on
    some kid in a school. hhahahahahahahaha

  3. I like how he’s talking all that shit while backing himself in a corner
    lmfao set yourself up if you want.

  4. Well if the security guard defended himself, the student would be in a
    bloody mess on the floor.

  5. I would have dropped that little goon. That’s exactly what these punks need
    is for us to bust that ass and put them in check.

  6. you think you’re hard now but your ignorant nigga ass probably got expelled
    from this, will probably not graduate highschool like your missing father
    figure and end up broke af in the projects on foodstamps fighting other
    people over dumbshit. Niggas like this need deported to their own island,
    they fuck it up for everyone. Lost cause

  7. would’ve he had a gun, that security would’ve end that boy. Simple and sad
    truth of this day and age America.

  8. its funny how a disrespectful ass child .. that obviously needs to be
    locked up .. has all of you pulling color cards???…. yall have built
    up hate over ppls skin color???? PETTY PETTY ARE WE???

  9. Beautiful video. I love watching subhuman security pigs getting the shit
    beaten out of them.
    Well done.

  10. That black student should kick out of school and keep him in jail until
    there brain grow up and school is free everything like book pencil and food
    that why they get too much chance and some black teacher give them too much
    chance also or there parent teach them how to fight everywhere and get
    trouble shame on there patent and those black nigga also Spanish nigga too

  11. how all y’all gonna talk bad about this little boy y’all don’t know what he
    go throw in school

  12. the student dindu nuffin. Give him his quick 5 min lecture (Restorative
    Justice) and send him back to class. The security guard will be
    investigated to see why he angered that student and if he violated the
    student’s civil rights. Thank you Liberal Progressives

  13. wild ass useless coons! this muthafucka is gonna have three or four sperm
    rats! before he serves 10 to 15 years in jail! another success for the

  14. Yet another negro on track for a full-ride scholarship to San Quentin. If
    Obama had a son, would he look like this?

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