sleep on the job!

sleep on the job!

I was walking to the bus stop and I saw a on duty security officer knocked OUT!!! Gotta see this to believe it!

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  1. I wanna kick their asses down the street,matter of fact in the damn street.
    Bitches! Leave him alone and anyone else you might see in the same
    position. Stop and think

  2. the man is clearly off duty after a long shift..the person who posted this
    video is seriously damaged.

  3. he is obviously NOT on duty. dude probably worked all night to feed his
    family an some pretentious twat like you is busting his balls. You really
    should be ashamed of yourself. My guess is you are a miserable person and
    this makes you feel better about yourself. busting a guys chops for having
    a job???? Only in America.

  4. I was really annoyed at these women for bothering this man. They don’t
    realize he is not at his station securing anything. He is off the clock.
    They so busy trying to be Freaking funny. Who know they probably have been
    sleep at their jobs,if they have one haha noisey people

  5. That’s horrible this guy is obviously off work waiting for a ride home. You
    don’t know how many hours he just put in. RUDE!!!

  6. Word up……I work security too and after a long shift over night…that
    could def be me……and I wouldnt expect come cunt to come video me and
    talk shit. She has no idea what this guy has been threw. So ya I hope
    she feels like an ass after posting this……..Jokes on your bitich!

  7. you are stupid and you will die being stupid for posting this.This guy is
    not on duty for heaven sake.why take video of an old person and shere it on
    you tube.Hope you rot in hell oneday for doing this

  8. If S/O Stinson suddenly awoke & punched her in the face–THAT would’ve
    been *Hilarious*!!!!!!

  9. I work the same type of job, been there before when you are up for 30
    hours as soon as you are off lights out.

  10. maybe the guys got two jobs asshole! why couldn’t you just let him sleep?
    anybody that could fall asleep in public must have a good reason for being
    tired. couldnt resist being a prick ,could you?

  11. im in security myself and they can work some crazy hours sometimes, on top
    of that, i doubt hes on duty, why would anyone patrol a bus stop….if he
    was on duty sleeping he’d be fired.

  12. This is what im like after doing a 16 hour shift no break. i dnt blame this
    guy for sleeping.

  13. You’re stupid, this guy probably worked all night or a double shift. For
    stupid ass holes like you is that people get in trouble. He’s not bothering
    nobody. He’s sleeping, so what, big fucking deal …

  14. Whoever shot this video is a dumb ass nigger….Yeah your a nigger. At
    least the guy is working something your ass probably knows nothing about.

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