Sitting Behind the Desk, The stories of Allied Barton Guards

Sitting Behind the Desk, The stories of Allied Barton Guards

Allied Barton Security Services, is a security force subcontracting company and employer of more than 16,000 Philadelphia’s citizens, more than 90% of whom are African-American.

The POWR (Philadelphia Officers and Workers Rising) Campaign is a project of Philadelphia Jobs with Justice.

You can read more here
This is an ongoing and active campaign.

This video was created with the assistance of Media Mobilizing Project (MMP). For more information on this collective and their vision visit:

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  1. i’ve been in security for 2 years now. in that time of working in house and
    contract security, most clientele just want a presence, a walmart door

    they want the cheaper insurance and use security as a punching bag when
    things go wrong. security will only get better when people "really want"
    security and not just a pair of eyes and ears. the security guard industry
    will only get better for the people in the uniforms, when our country faces
    a everyday threat. i.e. post 9/11.

    As of right now clientele only want a door greeter.


  3. +Tanner Stage V seriously don’t comment on something that you don’t have
    say in. If it were as easy as " turn around and get another job" a lot of
    things would be different. But it’s not. Get a fucking grasp on how tough
    the economy and job market are right now. THEN you can come back and talk
    your shit. Asshole. 

  4. the company gets paid $18 for a security guard, then the security guard
    gets paid $8-9. that doesnt sound unfair …

  5. Unions are a drain on the system and I have never worked for a company that
    required union dues. As a security officer though, I have dealt with client
    unions and allowed people to cross their lines as needed.

  6. hire security gaurds that are educated and give them good pay and
    benefits,these morons that they hire are worth nothing,start to hire white
    educated white people,i would not hire those black dummys who have no
    teeth. i mean really they look like they were released from prison.allied
    security this is all your faults for hiring morons,i hope our new president
    really shakes things up in america. and hopefully it is donald trump

  7. Unless you work in house you’re going to get screwed and even then in many
    cases the pay isn’t that great.

  8. I worked for Allied Barton in Dallas,Tx a free to work state. I was fired
    for putting in a transfer to a different account. And the person I referred
    was fires for not having a company issued badge that was never issued to
    her. she was considered out of uniform and wrote up every day for 3 days
    til termination. SORRY COMPANY

  9. As a current AB guard I can tell you that you will have a better job and
    career as a garbage man versus becoming a security guard.

    Hands down contract security provides nothing but scapegoats and mindless
    drones for their clients. Certainly not security or safety solutions.

  10. if you need a job and your lazy and never expect a raise or decent uniforms
    apply for allied barton. if your looking for a future…go to college. you
    will never go anywhere with allied barton or securitas. but I do think
    securitas gives rasies. ab does NOT give rasies and if u do happen to get a
    raise after 2 years it will only be 20 cents. I know, Ive been an employee
    for allied barton out of Georgia for over 2 years. the dm and account
    managers smile in your face and tell you what you want to hear and never do
    shit for you.

  11. Allied rips employees off of their paychecks and only "certain" employees
    are enforced to wear their uniforms while "others" get away without even
    showing up in uniform or black shoes

  12. This is laughable.If you want to make more money then move out to a
    different job. If you don’t like the job then you have the right to leave.

    You slid for 50 feet? Come on.

    Yes, observe and report. That sounds about right, getting fired because you
    refuse the clients ridiculous request. Look, that is the security business.
    If you don’t like it, then leave and go else where. Look, what are the
    requirements for being a security officer? To have a heart beat and a

    There is no law against starting a union. You are waiting on someone to do
    it for you. First, it is not going to get done like that. Second, if you do
    that then you inevitably bring in some opportunists who will use you. If
    you want to start a union then you need to do it covertly, I would suggest
    that you talk to another union to see how organize. As well, have all of
    your original meetings in private. Do not do anything until at least 50% of
    the guards join and retain a labor lawyer in advance.The biggest thing is
    don’t let the management know you are starting a union, and get a labor
    lawyer as a representative and inquire from other unions on how to
    organize. After that is all set up then make it known that you are starting
    a union.

    It is laudable because you are finding out the hard way that liberalism
    isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. You are finding out that these so
    called liberals who mouth off liberal ideas such as "social justice" and
    "equal rights" are nothing more than dubious hypocrites! Those professors
    are usually the most liberal of all society. You would think they would
    understand but you don’t understand who you are dealing with. You are
    dealing with a group who lies and is nothing but a bunch of elitist who
    only use those "justice" slogans to get what they want out of people;
    welcome to the real world, they don’t care about you.

  13. I find that guards make the money they’re worth as a guard….every large
    security company has big money accounts where the guards make really good
    money and account that pay shit(worm body accounts)…most guards that only
    work low paying accounts have shown the company through poor service, that
    it would be too risky to put them at a important high paying account.
    Guards like that also make it hard for security companies to convince the
    client to pay more for service which would bring up the guard wage. I just
    find it funny that shitty guards complain about making shitty money when
    its their quality of service that controls where the company assigns them.

  14. wow im glad i never got hired by this company. i worked for 3 on-call
    security companies making $8.50 an hour. i decided to give allied barton a
    try. the interview was great, until at the end, the guy didnt hire me
    because i placed my hands on his desk for a few seconds….wtf? he said, it
    looked as though i was serious about having the job. right after they
    walked me out the door, my phone rings and i got a job offer from somewhere
    else. im now a correctional officer. thank god allied barton never hired

  15. anyone who doesn’t even have prior military or LE experience, shouldn’t
    even go into this job area. with the prior experience, I’m sure they would
    have caught on to the "ripping off".

  16. i have been working there for 6 months now and they short you hours that u
    worked on every single or every other check and tell you that the problem
    is on your end. They tell you they will pay you on the next check but it
    never happens. Fucking shit company. Horrible. I’m quitting soon lmfao

  17. I Curren work for Allied Barton & they are the WORST. I’m currently in
    school is I’m dealing with them till the day I get my degree 

  18. Lets say you own a security company….would you hire a guy with face
    piercings and where would you put him if you did?

  19. Ok. I did some investigating. Allied Barton basically makes you sign an
    arbitration agreement waiving your right to a trial by jury if they break
    many of the numerous labor laws.


  20. I work for Securitas as a flex officer and some sites pay minimum wage but
    I make 50 cents above it regardless because I am a flex officer. I do admit
    some sites no having restroom access are the ones I will not go back to. I
    have heard we have sites between $9.00 & $18.00 an hour but of course no
    one will tell me where they are. I am fortunate enough I recieve SSDI
    benefits and work just to suppplement my income. As a career contract
    security would not be my first choice.

  21. This is the most shit-ass company ever. Finally quit recently. Only took
    the mother fucker because it requires absolutely zero brains and it paid
    $10/hr. These assholes lie through their teeth and fuck their employees in
    every way imaginable. They don’t care at all. DO NOT EVER WORK FOR THIS

  22. someone needs to come down to DC and protest. i am an SPO in dc and we
    faught for a union and got it but allied barton chose it. the union is in
    bed with allied barton and will not answer our concerns. for an spo we are
    overworked and under paid at 17.81 not to mention we have to pay mothly
    parking at 250.00 out of our pockets. which takes that 17.81 down even
    further. and the account manager is and 90% of the management is currupt.
    if we speak out or make a suggestion we get write ups or fired. i have done
    ALLLLL allied barton edge training and am certified EMT with 5 yrs FD
    experience. not to mention 4 yrs management as Officer in charge for my FD.
    they wont even recognize my apps for promotion because i speak my voice and
    constantly try to help. last week an officer had a medical emergency i was
    there and qualified but was threatened if i touched her or do anything im
    fired "wait for the FD this is not ur job here, i dont care wat certs u
    have u are not an emt here ur an spo. if i didnt need a job id say fuck
    allied barton

  23. Securtiy Guard Jobs are never good Jobs they are just suppose to be a
    stepping stone until you find something else. You will never get better
    anything from these companies. All they are looking for is warm bodies.

    If you want to be a Police officer Go back to school and train for that
    this is a waste of time. Its never going to change. Because they will just
    keep finding people looking for that quick dollar who will do this job for
    very little money it has always been that way.

    Guys if you want a career in law enforcement watch out for these companies
    because it you get in so situation that requires you to use any kind of
    force these companies will not stand by you and leave you hanging out to
    dry. I would stay away from them all together. 

  24. I swear some of the people at the Allied Barton call center act brain dead
    and it takes close to 30 minutes up to an hour for someone to answer the
    damn phone.

    THIS COMPANY. They do not care about their guards no matter how much they
    preach that they do. You are expendable in this company, make a little
    mistake and best believe they will have another guard ready to take your
    spot with the quickness. The managers, and supervisors are
    corrupt……………….i remember i became sick one day and i tried to
    call in sick, mind you i had never called off work before,…… my
    supervisor and manager literally told me to ride it out……..FUCK A LIE

  26. I’ve worked at allied Barton for one year straight from military service.
    At the end of that year I was fired for being out of uniform. The pants
    were going to be out of date in months the jacket was for the spring or
    fall so when it got cold I had to bundle up. That’s not half of all the
    crap I’ve been through.

  27. lady if your working 80 hours a week that is 40 hours over time b.s. on you
    only making 225 a week after taxes.

  28. Allied Barton has a "quota system" at most of its Posts. At least one of
    the Security Officers must NOT be African-American. And of course; they
    know that they don’t have to work….just show up. Maybe.

    Most of the Supervisors and Managers are Sodomites; beware hetero-sexual
    men applicants.

    Women Officers WILL be sexually harrassed (by men AND women).

  29. i worked for this company. over 2 years and not one raise. no health care.
    un safe working conditions. its horrible

  30. most private security companies are the same.and you find the the same
    issues with most. low pay..from 7.25 to 10 dollars a hour. politics from
    property management. And as one account manager told me when i worked at
    allied,all they care about is the client. The client can lie about you and
    get away with it. they want you gone,your gone no matter how good of a
    worker you are. Oh yeah can’t forget,advancement outside of a

  31. just got out of Rehab and I want to apply to allied Barton but I need to
    know how they drug test is it urine hair or swab in the state of

  32. Allied blows ass they very nearly let an over zealous employee fire me for
    a non existent sexual harassment claim ( never happened) and when I was
    fired was told I was illegible for rehire not lneligeible that was one of
    too many gripes to list here long story is they sucked and treat good
    people like dirt and keep lousy ones on pedistools 

  33. Dude…YOU KNEW what you signed up for when you applied? WTF? You signed
    the dotted line and KNEW what you were getting paid. Please explain to me
    why you chose to sign a consensual agreement to work for them?

  34. I’m actually planning to switch careers. I’m not gonna be doing security no
    more. Looking to get into janitorial or custodial. I actually have an
    interview tomorrow for maintenance porter starting $17.00 an our in NYC.
    Benefits after 90days. Can’t wait. But what’s the update on this situation
    in Philly? This video is really old. 

  35. As a guard I made $11.75 hourly as a Supervisor I make….Well I wont say
    because you’d probably go home and blow your brains out. 2 promotions in 2
    years, 2 awards in 1 year(with cash bonus). Its not them its you….and
    I’m black.

  36. Universal Protective Services. It’s now called Universal Allied. We got
    screwed by SEIU, reduced raises every year.

  37. are these companies run by union? are people going into security just to
    work or are they really into this field?

  38. Universal Services is sued by me at NYC Small Claims Court for
    violation,unpaid lost wages.They will be exposed on social media.See other
    guards being mistreated,harassed,violated of their civil rights.Corporate
    plantation and most private security companies like to pay minority workers
    slave labor money to oppress us.

  39. allied barton got acquired by UPS, you are about to get totally screwed
    over just like ABM!

  40. Asking an unarmed guard to engage in a Foot Chase, even if the Guard is
    young and strong is crazy! The Aerospace Facility where I have been a
    Security Supervisor for over 30 years has guards, armed with Batons, Pepper
    Spray, Tasers and Glock 9mm’s. Even we don’t engage in foot pursuits of
    suspects unless we basically walk right into them and must engage to effect
    an arrest. You might be armed to the teeth and still get stuck with a
    Hunting Knife or a Screwdriver. It is never worth it to chase someone if
    you are not positive they aren’t armed AND you have a back-up officer.
    Even cops chasing suspects are risking their lives for very little gain.
    In the Police Academy (central California, 1979) they told us that engaging
    in "foot pursuits" are a personal call and if not sure if a suspect is
    armed is for Super Hero Wannabees and TV shows. "Tombstone Courage" was
    the term our instructors used. That woman is right. You aren’t paid to
    chase suspects without adequate weapons AND a back-up officer…

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