SIA Security Guard Training Course

SIA Security Guard Training Course

Train to be a security guard at Knightguard and we will assist you with your SIA Licence application. The course we run are door supervisor training, security guarding training, CCTV Operations, Physical Intervention Training, Close Protection, First Aid Training and Conflict Resolution.
For further informaton then visit or call 020 8287 3213.

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  1. Help if I do Door supervision can I work in retail because I heard the door
    lience allows you to work as a security guard

  2. Don’t think the exams are simple because they are not you need to revise
    spend a couple of weeks revising ,several people at my exams failed because
    they did not revise properly ,the mock exam is of no help,always go with
    your first answer on the questionnaire don’t change you answer.

  3. Hi I am looking into a job in something like retail security, am I too
    short at 5’8 I weigh 207 pounds good weight, muscular build( always in gym)
    would this be possible.

  4. i was going to apply for sia security guard course…..all i want to no
    is…i smoke a bit of cannabis on the weekend, would i still be able to get
    my license?

  5. dont do it this course is an absolutly waste of money,i do the door
    supervisor course and all the jobs required experience, if you dont find
    any job in three years you have to pay again for new licence.sia is like an
    small mafia.

  6. @MrKon14 Doesnt make it a bad job, depends what your after, on the
    positives its easy (and good) money just for having a licence. beats my old

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