Seinfeld George Security Guard Chair

Seinfeld George Security Guard Chair

This reminded me of my friend hahaha.

George: That’s why I’m different. I can sense the slightest human suffering.

From Season 7 Episode 3

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  1. I am going to start uploading real quality episodes in the next day or two.
    Just keep in touch and I will blow your mind with what I am going to
    upload. All the best

  2. i use to be a security guard at a grocery store, in a troubled area and i
    had to stand for 8 hours a day and it really didn’t bother me….

  3. As a security guard, I’m oh-so-thankful for the comfy chair I get to park
    my ass in for 8 to 12 hours a day/night.

  4. Can anyone please help about the native american episode from Seinfeld what
    does an Indian giver mean? Second are native Americans mad at for no reason
    that’s all I’m asking

  5. I do think he is on to something. As a cashier that has to do 7, 8 hour
    shifts, I hate it when we aren’t allowed to sit down as apparently "it
    makes us look lazy". Screw that, I’d rather look lazy and have my legs and
    back in one piece than stand for 7-8 hours with very little breaks in
    between(we get 2 15 min breaks, 3 of which is heading to the break room, 3
    heading back, so really 9 minutes sitting down each break.

    I’m not saying let us sit for 7-8 hours, but rather in between customers
    when there is no one around and all our other work is done.

  6. Sitting is for those who have earned it after working 8-12 hours. If you
    are sitting during that time, you are not earning.

  7. Anyone else wish they had stayed with Susan for a while. I always find it
    funny how out of sync her and George are.

  8. I work at best buy standing all fucking day, retail sucks.. but I should
    have gone to college if I wanted a better job.

  9. I use to stand for about 8 hours a day when I was working at the bank at
    some people would ask me if the bank would offer me a chair but it really
    did not matter to me and this was also in the Canadian winter so I would
    have to bundle up I kept myself in good shape to take whatever they can
    throw at me.

  10. Jerry: Can you sense any right now? One of the many things I liked about
    the show was how Jerry would always have a comeback that would put George
    down but George would always shrug it off and move on…

  11. George is, uncharacteristically, the most compassionate of the group in
    this one. Yes, studies have shown that most people do their jobs better
    while standing up versus sitting down, and yes, security guards should
    always be on alert, but as someone who has spent 9 years of their life
    working in jobs that require standing up, I’d really like to walk into a
    restaurant or bar and see employees sitting down. Then again, I’m also the
    kind of person who cleans my own table before leaving a restaurant in order
    to make the wait-staff’s jobs easier and I also tend to tip around
    35%(despite being near-poverty myself), so maybe I’m just weird and/or
    and/or generous.

  12. exactly why we are not allowed to sit in certain sites and they also do not
    want people to perceive us as lazy.

  13. I use to be security and although I don’t mind standing, but at least give
    me the option to move around and sit for 5 minutes every hour or two. but
    to stand by the door like a statue is a little bit inhuman

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