security guard vs security officer,whats the diff?

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  1. it is the same thing it’s just an interchangeable title I don’t know where
    people get this bullshit from

  2. Well it is interesting since I’m an armed security officer. Also may I add
    a bodyguard as well. So for the most part he is correct. We are guard dogs
    just depends on the risk level. Guards are unarmed no weapons. Pay is 7-9$
    an hr. Level 2 gets a flashlight and handcuffs any amount. the pay is
    generally 9-13 an hr depending. Level 3 is armed they may have a tazer, oc
    spray and a handgun. Also, a shotgun if they have the certification. they
    can have no limit of handguns in plain view. In other words any non lethal
    or lethal device has to be open carry or in plain view. They are also
    liscensed as bounty hunters. the pay is anywhere from 12-20$ an hr
    depending on threat level. Level 4 is a ppo or bodyguard they can have all
    of the lethal and non but concealed. They don’t wear a uniform. your attire
    is matching the principal or hvi or persons you are protecting. The pay is
    50-140$ an hr depending on the contract. secret service get the maximum.
    Level 5 is a pi or private investigator. They’re pay depends as a bounty
    hunter’s does. so in a nutshell that is the difference.

  3. im an s/g, i work for a private company and ive worked in many placements.
    we have mobile patrol as well as fixed guards. armed and unarmed as well.
    we also get hand cuffing and use of force training. only a month so far,
    and ive worked malls, condominiums, corporate offices, as well as working
    with mobile patrol supervisors. we also have the authority to make arrests
    on property. so you tell me what you think i am. my company specifically
    also has its own investigative branch. i believe guard/officer is an
    interchangable title. keep in mind we are not, and will never be police. we
    can aid and work with emergency services, but we are always going to be
    apart of the corporate sector.

  4. well I’m clearly a security guard by definition so I guess I should stop
    trying to be more than what my badge has given me the permission to be ?

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