Security Guard’s Explosive Life Raft Accident – Freeform Training (Hitman Methods)

Security Guard’s Explosive Life Raft Accident – Freeform Training (Hitman Methods)

Man disguised as security uses explosives to cause a deadly life raft accident, steals speedboat. One man left unconscious at the scene.

You can drop the life raft on Ritter also by using a crowbar or shooting the thing it’s tied to, which would probably be the fastest method for a so called clean kill if you escape by helicopter. Faster methods would involve using guns, using explosives or running in for a visible melee kill, but I personally use guns rarely, I only use explosives as part of bigger events and I never want to be spotted strangling someone.

Dropping the raft on Ritter without the loud bang would not be a Silent Assassin method by the game’s standards despite what you might think. Someone killed in an accident would still be counted as a body found and the accident itself (as far as I can tell) is considered a witnessed kill if people see it happen. I hope that’s actually fixed in the future, accidents are called accidents for a reason. Why bother accidenting people if their accideaths aren’t considered accidents by the Accidental Intelligence?

Also correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe the Silent Assassin challenges require bodies to be either disposed of or at least not be seen. So while this game’s way of awarding an SA “rank” is separate from the mission results, it still wouldn’t apply. Then again the challenges are really buggy, so who can tell how things are actually supposed to be calculated.

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