Security Guard with the Mindset and Skill

Security Guard with the Mindset and Skill

In stark contrast to the lack of training New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg provides for his officers, I have a video to show you this week that demonstrate the mindset and skill set you must have if you are going to carry a gun.

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  1. They looked like very nice men! I’m sure they just wanted to offer the
    security guard a coffee.

  2. In Canada, this guard would be charged with attempted murder and a whole
    wack of other things. Luckily the Harper government is in power and will
    hopefully be changing things once the bleeding hearts see the err of their

  3. You must be dumb. The narrator did mention weapons and you can clearly see
    the one being shot and falling down dropping his weapon. Now tell me, you
    are being a guard in the bank and two masked men dressed up all in black
    with guns run inside like maniacs. What are you gonna do? Ask them if they
    are bank robbers? Hell no, I will shoot first and ask questions later. No
    matter if its right or wrong for someone. Because I walk home at the end of
    the day and wont get carried in a coffin.

  4. ACCTUALY he did mention weapons. when the guy was crawling out and dropped
    his gun…. also im pretty sure the security guard seen guns / weapons in
    their hands. of course the full black costume and sprinting in the door
    possibly yelling stuff doesnt help their case.

  5. Well done… You confront deadly force with deadly force or you might end
    up being the one carried away, his job is to protect the lives of the
    Patrons and himself by all means necessary

  6. He shot the robber in his leg, kinda obvious that the guard wasn’t going
    for any lethal shots.

  7. Captain Kirk, u r a frickin panzy and a douche. Go get a real hobby vs juke
    boxes, like porn or weight training.

  8. uhh if 3 people dressed in black with masks wielding weapons came sprinting
    threw a door at me, i would not be aiming for headshots.. this isnt call of
    duty shit… you would aim for the torso and i would not point my gun
    saying get down or some bullshit, i would shoot them before they could aim
    at me.

  9. If he is a security guard, the robbers would have most likely targeted him
    first, possibly with lethal force. There’s a saying that, "It is better to
    be tried by 12 than carried by 6".

  10. Front is the best Firearms training. Once you complete a class you can’t
    wait to go back for another.

  11. In our country you would go to jail for shooting right away… I live in
    czech republic and here in Europe you have to wait until youre outnumbered,
    assaulted from behind, stabed, shot or in the best case dead before you can
    defend yourself… (That isnt literally true, but almost…) US citizens
    can at least defend themselves.

  12. And then proceeded to take cover knowing the fight might not have been over
    if those thugs were "dedicated" to the fight. Outfuckingstanding!

  13. "His reaction ‘may’ have saved his own life and others in the building…"
    ain’t no ‘may’ about it, these punk gang bangers would not have hesitated
    popping this old man.18 Years old and crawled a block away….these are the
    assholes prisons are built for!!!

  14. Cool guy, but would it be ok if he aims for the head, shoot the robbers and
    kill 3 people? (serious question, what do you think?) The robbers don’t
    think: "Oh someone is shooting at me but Im not hit so I continue the
    robbery" That’s bullshit, as soon as someone shoots they/all get the fuck
    out of there. So I say its not ok to try to hit the robbers, it’s far too
    dangerous and he could end the life of some stupid kids. Shooting alone,
    maybe 1-2m away from them, would have done the same.

  15. wow talk about someone who doesn’t understand the laws but thinks he does
    then further makes an asshole out of himself by commenting..

  16. I would love to see how patient and precise you are when someone is
    unloading on you from 10 feet away. Your quick to cast stones about
    something you have no clue about. Get off your high horse.

  17. lol you’re a fucking retard, hope this helps you white trash wrestling fan
    highschool dropout

  18. the dude that got hit is lucky he dolphin dived after the first shot and is
    lucky it was just a hitmarker! lol 

  19. If you feel like your life is in danger then no other opinions matter.
    That’s what I told people when I was a cop and that’s what I tell people
    now that I’m a Soldier.

  20. So you’re saying if you’re a guard securing private property in the wee
    hours of the morning, and 3 hooded, masked men charge in full speed, and
    are within about one second of broaching your personal space… he’s
    supposed to engage them in dialogue? You’re saying he should have made an
    attempt to converse with them about the their intentions? Told them to
    freeze and what not? And there is no audio on the tape. I’d bet he yelled
    something. But I’m sure it was the gun that deterred them. 

  21. You’re dumb. They could also have shot back and he could have died because
    he thought to spare the life of some "stupid kids".

  22. Outstanding! Judiciously responded under adversed conditions. He remained
    razor sharp! This is what coolness is about! As a combat Warrior my cover
    is cover off to him. OORAH! Semper Fi. 

  23. Shouldn’t they have just opened the door and WALKED in without masks or
    dark outfits? "Oh, sir – I’m going to need you to stop for a second and
    take the mask off, please. Oh, by the way, do you have any weapons?" Sorry,
    guy in a ski mask gets no sympathy from me – weapon or not. And I wouldn’t
    be dumb enough to sit and ask questions. Kudos to the guard – I don’t know
    that I would have been that quick on my feet early in the morning like

  24. Are you like, retarded or something? If you listen at like 00:14, you’ll
    clearly hear that he says that the robber looses his gun. 

  25. They ran in with all black, ski masks, and weapons visible. Seems pretty
    clear to me what they were trying to do. I mean I don’t know about you but
    I don’t walk into my bank hiding my face with a gun trying to withdraw
    twenty dollars. Just my opinion. 

  26. If you were willing to watch this video for more than 13 seconds then you
    would discover that your argument is completely invalid, the robber had a
    gun. Genius.

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