*Keep an eye on the water bottle in the left hand of the guard closest to the car from around the 7 second mark* – Security guard throwing his weight around turns a small burnout into quite a large escalated situation on the friday afternoon of summernats 26 2013. Please feel free to share your opinions.

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  1. do skids in the burnout comp. security is there to keep people secure. look how the rx stepped out u cant depend on the driver to keep it in check. drivers make errors.

  2. mysteryman77 yor a dick go fak the security so wat kicboxing is shit u fak bring him her il show him bit of UFC

  3. I think you got a bloody cheek blaming the guard for turning a molehill into a mountain, while on the other hand posting a relatively sedate, almost lame video on the internet for exactly the same purpose…  Thanks Kettle…

  4.  Just like guardsmarkkk Security and that punk ass mexican police in 20001 that’s why that plane flew right into the twin towers in NewYork in 2001 september 11.

  5. lol yor a dick mate go fak him them so watt kickboxing is for gay’s just like you drop in with the kickboxing end il fix you end him up go UFC

  6. are this security cunts for real  this is why people come at the 1st place  why don’t u get rid of fkn drunks junkies u fkn spineless cocoraches

  7. Obviously No of you realise who that security guards is….

    He is the Austalian SuperHeavy weight kickboxing champion

    He shouldve unleashed on those tools. What if he really hit someone. Who is at fault. The tool Driving and security for not stopping it.

  8. I would never take my pride and joy to an event like this, houso wankers milling about drunk as fuck. It’s a recipe for disaster and not to mention I’m sure something bad would happen to 1 of my cars.

    Looks like a real family friendly event.

  9. 1: you can’t drive
    2: give your credit for talking out of that one 3:you knew you were in the wrong
    4:if it launched into crowd well ::::::::::::::::::::

  10. Fucking yobbos! The wankers in the crowd and the car giving enthusiasts and Australians a bad name.

  11. everyone on the side of the roads pay good money to see skids and dangerous driving. summernats cost more and more every year but we get less and less entertainment. i say keep doing skids and dont let our aussie pride go 😛 yeww!!!!

  12. why doesn’t everyone when they go to summernats install a start button so they cant take your keys and have a remote control to start the engine and give it to one of your friends so if they try to drive it u turn off the car or something like that!

  13. So what, he kicked the screaming bitch out a little. Then the hi-viz are all like yay let me justify my job, if you could call it a job.

  14. Pay good money and only get 1 minute in the burnout pad and they wonder why this happens even though I love a skid anywhere

  15. notice most of the security are fuckin N.Z fuckers? we wouldnt dare go over there n pull them out of there cars that is just simply UN AUSTRALIAN to pull a man out of his car when u dont belong in this country 

  16. Fucking yobbos! The wankers in the crowd and the car giving enthusiasts and Australians a bad name.

  17. I believe the driver was a total idiot, someone could have been hurt. That crap doesn’t fly at any events I go to in the States. You will not be coming back if you do it on the property and while leaving the property if the cops catch you it is a Careless and Imprudent driving or Reckless Endangerment. Depending on how many tickets you get for it you lose your license and can lose your car. That was just stupid.

  18. the big coon in the blue event management shirt needs to lay off the roids! do they pay security in jimmys pies?

  19. Security are fuck wits these days at nats there mostly fob fucking wanker s with big egos and a huge chip on there shoulder I wish it was like the old days

  20. The guard did not use excessive force, not assult. I have been to many Summernats and the security there is so lenient. This guy was out of line (pardon the pun), If he could keep it straight he probably would have got away with it.

  21. i think chick Henry needs to look @ security an how to control skids on the run look were ever you have tits cars an booze an loud crowds you will have drama but these farkin coconut farkin security is farkin joke an i tell you something if thay were to throw something like that in 2 my car i would have gone off

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