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  1. Hey this is so weird but do you live in Chino Hills????? I was wondering
    because I actually live here lol.

  2. There is no skill with an automatic car… i’m sure i can win you in a drag
    race with exactly the same car, but with manual gears…

  3. Thank you uncle Mike, even though I might be slightly older LOL. But
    seriously Mike, thank you for all your videos. I was behind like a month
    and a half but kept watching everything! Can’t wait to be a subscriber to
    Tuner Crate but gotta take care of the family first before spending
    anything on myself. Keep it up and love the GTR!

  4. I don’t understand this whole E85 thing, it really is just an unnecessary
    conversion at this point and it makes it more difficult for you to travel
    long distances.

  5. I enjoy the Uncle Mike moments. Hard work does get noticed and it is the
    key to being a success. I was in a good, but stagnant position at my
    company and after taking on a project that no one wanted, I owned it and
    got promoted to software developer (programmer) without even applying for
    the position all because they noticed the hard work. You are inspiring a
    lot of people because hard work is truly the key. Keep up the great
    channels and businesses!

  6. I’ve watched a lot of other car vloggers and I’ve just recently subbed, I
    really like your channel, awesome content, great shots, awesome car, and
    most of all a GREAT attitude! can’t wait for more vids. ??

  7. You should really add the music you play in the videos to the description.
    You play some good music.

  8. How did you obtain a sideways remote? Did you buy it separately? I have
    the 3H management on my airlift slam serious and my controller isn’t that
    cool :/

  9. oh you’re such a show-off like you act like you’re the only one that has a
    GTR or a fucking drone stupid ass japanese looking ass

  10. love the end of the video haven’t watched your videos in ages love this i’m
    learning to drive at the moment :p hoping to pass this year.

  11. Do u got a gtr automatic? What’s going on with us people? You odn’t even
    know what is enjoy a normal car with manual changes… It’s just freaking
    awesome… do u know to brake with the engine? Do u know how to make an
    awesome entry… do u know how to change gear ina competitive way?… u
    can’t enjoy an gtr automatic…

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