Security Guard loses his job rant (part 1)

Hey whats going on with it bros women, bronies and pegasisters .its Nintendofreak2011(AKA! Criticismguy2009) bringing you back another crazy rant! so i heard about this news a few 2 weeks ago about this dude thats the same security guard that protected the people of atlanta ,gergia from this ghetto ass piece of shit morena Negrita puta bitch that kept hitting him and assulitng him and getting up in his personal space when he kept calmly saying to step bac kand leave the property immediatly .Dude had every right to use that taser gun on that ugly bitch! So like I always say Peace out bros women bronies and pegasisters, see you around have a good day or night whereever your at in the world, Peace out take care and goodbye, and be safe everyone and everypony .Don’t drink and smoke weed at once terrible habit.Im gone and GTFO out of here im out! byes =D

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