Security Guard At Grocery Store Calls Cop For Videotaping – Austin, TX – 29 January 2013

Security Guard At Grocery Store Calls Cop For Videotaping – Austin, TX – 29 January 2013

I thank God for keeping me out of jail that day and allowing me to come to my house and enjoy the nice-ities thereof. I pray that he will bless that woman and man for supporting me. Amen.

Here is a list of police misconduct for all the people uninformed on police criminality. Here are the headlines of a few in 2014:

Albuquerque Cop Shoots First, Asks Questions Later. Turns Out the Person He Shot Was a Cop

Houston police officers behind ticket-rigging scheme that caused dismissal of over 6,000 tickets allowed to quit or retire before they get fired

Chicago Cop Sentenced After Breaking 89 Year-Old Man’s Hip

Cop Says “We Don’t Have Time for This,” Then Kills Schizophrenic Teen

Doctor Assaulted by Police at Dying Son’s Birthday, Tasered so Many Times He Had a Heart Attack

Indiana woman stripped by jailers and left naked for 7 hours

Petition | Open a federal investigation into the fatal police shooting of John Crawford III. Release video of shooting.

Police arrest parapalegic man for considering himself a pedestrian

Prison guard admits to sexually assaulting dozens of inmates, selling drugs in prison — No jail time

No Refusal” Blood Draw Checkpoint Planned for Ohio

FBI Investigates: Teen In A Coma After Cop Deploys Taser During Routine Traffic Stop

Protest Against Alleged Police Brutality Shuts down L.A.’s Downtown



Video shows inmate stripped of clothes, placed in cell for hours – News, Weather & Sports

Video Surfaces of Texas Police Executing Handcuffed Prisoner

Woman Beaten to Death Just Days After Receiving Death Threats From Officer

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  1. The security dude was a punk. I’d have gone to the public sidewalk and film, day after day.

  2. sorry dude, you’re wrong on this point. Yes you’re in a public place and yes you can photograph/video must everything you can see, but you can be trespassed. Yes I know it’s stupid and yes this security guy was wrong on the federal law issue, but the trespass issue is correct. There are basically 3 types of real property, Private, public and then private that is open to the public. A shopping mall, store, gas station, all fall into that last category and it’s not as free as pure public land.

  3. Um the public area is on the sidewalk outside the shopping center just so you know in the future. The second you stepped into the shopping centers parking lot you were no longer on public property. It is up to you to get permission from the owner/lease before you to film there. The security officer does not have to show you anything nor is he a public servant as you said he is. He is a private security guard and as such he is protected from being filmed if he does not want to be. You might want to do a little research before you get yourself in a whole lot of trouble and it costs you a lot money in fines and possible lawsuits. Just saying.

  4. your the one confused about the law, that officer has every right to have you removed from private property , just because its a grocery store thats open to the public doesnt make it a public place …

  5. Opie looking asshole wanna be cop does not his ass from a hole in the ground. he can only tell this guy what to do if he has full power and authority from the owners and no way they gave it to him.

  6. You know with all the videos on youtube, you’d think these idiots would realize they need to shut the fuck up and leave people alone.

  7. Some idiots like making up laws that suit themselves ! If it was a new law to not film in public, you would figure the Feds would announce it to the public! Can you ask this nazi why are those survalence cameras on those telephone poles? lol I guess the state didn’t get the memo either! lol Snakes is correct! lol

  8. The guy recording is in the wrong. The parking lot is private property, not public. The security guard is contracted by the owner to fulfill a task. Most if not all shopping centers dont let you record and its the security guards job to inforce that rule of the property owner. He doenst need to call corporate because they already told him whet he can and can not do.

  9. "Just confused about the law" I don’t like to get too involved in these videos because it’s always the ‘cops vs stoners’ back and forth, but this dude was wrong. Anyone who disagrees knows as much as he does.

  10. Harassing the dull witted is rude and mean spirited. I put it in the same category as harassing the elderly. Shame on you.

  11. seems to me just that guy w camera looking 4 trobles…not nesessary ,,why he doing? wanna by on youtube?

  12. DUMBASS its called private property. Know your laws pertaining to private property. So you say its ok right? Ok well thats like someone standing on your front porch and filming you.

  13. It is private property with a public egress. With that said there are rules and polices that everyone has to follow. This idiot is just a amateur sovereign citizen.

  14. Guy videotaping is a Dumbass why are you harassing people, making yourself look like an idiot. why would they mess with your car dumb fuck. security going to mess with your car LMFAO this guy recording is a joke. you record me and I say to stop and you don’t that’s harassment I’m taking that camera away punching you in the face then be so happy to get into car and leave.

  15. that is private property. the security guard is acting on instructions from the grocery store. You are welcome to shop there. but you cannot hang around and film if he ask you to go shop or leave. If you dont go shop then you my friend are tresspassing. Look that up in the law statutes since your so damn smart. It is not a public area, that is the law. Go get a fuckin job and dont bother working people.

  16. To my understanding of the law.. Trespass is entering a property without permission. Defiant trespass is refusing to leave a property when your told to do so…

  17. What was the reason for recording? Dude obviously don’t have a life or girlfriend. Fucking loser👎

  18. Ron Paul sticker eh? Boy you just keep getting stupider the more the video progresses

  19. What a retard making ALL secuRITY looking like TARDS….Learn your LAWS Security TARD..SMFH..

  20. "weather its the law or not , i dont know" A police officer that say that has no business being a cop.

  21. The parking lot is NOT public property. But the Security guy is wrong. Texas code 16.02 specifically says "Texas is a ‘one party consent’ state", If the security guy doesn’t want to be filmed, he should leave the range of the camera lens.

  22. WOW, this guy is powerful stupid, he couldn’t make it as a cop which is sad because the bar is pretty low there.

  23. At the end of the video, no one gives a dam! Why did you not ask the officer to arrest you for trespass? Then you could have fought it in court, and when you won (because that’s what you think would happen) you could tell everyone how you won your right to film abslutly nothing.

  24. what a dumb video. the law is simple. very simple. if your on public property then you can video freely. if your on private property, by all means record, but once they ask you to stop you have to stop. simple. and im pretty sure that car park is not private property. if its open to the public but private property they CAN grt you film and they can give a trespassing order. they dont need a reason not to have you on their property. and they dont need to have signs saying whether you can record or not.

    its like going to someones house and they ask you not to film when your inside and you reply well it not written on a sign anywhere in your house. how stupid
    also again same with a house. if your chilling and they randomly ask you to leave llfor whatever, they can and have the right to simple very simple.

  25. Oh look another youtube video warrior. Standing up for your rights to be an A-Hole and instigate problems all for the sake of youtube views. You sir are what is truly wrong with this country.

  26. that security punk is a braindead bully i’d like to meet him, in order to punch his smug, lying face

  27. I can see where now as the Republicans have control of the government that they may restrict video recording because they doesn’t want people to have evidence of them as they continue to undermine and degrade the US down to their level!
    Christians that use the bible as their guide are not for human rights, for the bible is full of injustice and discrimination!
    Isn’t it interesting that it is the right wingers talking about freedom, like the right to video record, when it is the right wingers that have made it illegal to record on private property as well as public, as in government property, which is just another example of just how messed up the Republicans are!
    Just like it was the Republicans that made it illegal to take pictures or video of farms! The idea was so that the videos could not be used as evidence for animal abuse!
    Just like it was the Republicans that were pushing for "religious freedom: when actually the idea was for Christians to have the say over others, but then the Muslims can also use the same laws, which the Republicans don’t like, another example of Republicans trying to bring this country down to their level and it exploding on all of us, but they never own up to their stupidity and anti-American ism, disguised as pro-American!
    Just like the orange goblin saying and Tweeting his ignorance and stupidity,every day, then getting upset when his own words are used to show just how ignorant and stupid he and the Republicans really are! So now, the orange goblin is working on how to do away with the White House press core now, but before he got lots of coverage as he was vomiting out his ignorance and stupidity on a hourly bases, that got him elected, but now he wants to undermine and restrict the press core, kind of like when Hitler used the Brown Shirts to gain power as they were doing his bidding but when they began to get public scrutiny, he had them killed, because it was too soon for him and his NAZI party to show the full extent as to what they really stood for, just like the orange goblin and his anti-American GOP!

  28. Moronic rent-a-cops! Can’t get a job cleaning toilets… be a security guard. No need to know the Constitution nor laws. Will say… you are on private property, and you are required to leave if told to do so… for any reason. You do have the Constitutional right to record. But they have the Constitutional right to have you leave private property. If you went to the public sidewalk and recorded the rent-a-cop… nothing he can do. Sorry dude… you are confused about the laws.

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