1. @demonskater123 The security was doing his Job at preventing loitering. Even after being asked NUMEROUS times to leave, they were still stubborn and therefore he did something about it. So yes, he did have a reason and yes, he should be proud.

  2. 1:46 Nice left hook by the security. That skater saw stars ! What happened? Your friend just got his ass kicked by a $7:50 an hour guard.

  3. I hate this this happens all the time at my school after hours we make skating videos and the retarted asshole security guard harasses us and trys to make us get hurt doing tricks I mean at least we are skating I mean we could be stealing or selling drugs but no we are having fun so fuck every security guard against skating

  4. What a pack of losers. Lucky ur not here in Singapore. Security here would have shot u. The woman at the end would have been arrested for opening her stupid mouth as well.  

  5. 1. Security Officer should have called the police for removing trash off property
    2. The security officer should have had back up
    3. The fucking skater been advised multiple time to leave and refuse to comply
    4. The other shit heads should have shut thier mouths and not intaganized the officer
    5. Security officer delivered a nice ass whooping to that shit head – NICE JOB
    6. a woman accusing an officer of exessive force – bitch!
    7. Don’t stick around after your ass was kick.
    8. dont film ur self

  6. We can skate wherever we want though…..just because a sign says no doesn’t mean that’s going to stop us….punk

  7. why would i want to start a fight, just go skateboard somewhere where its legal to do so. In the case of this video and many other videos just like it these guys went out with their camera to skate somewhere illegally in hopes that someone would confront them and then they would push there buttons and look cool for the camera. All im saying is in most cases they look for trouble, then as soon as they get touched they go "ohh! you can’t touch me! that’s illegal!" when what theyre doingisillegal

  8. you punk ass skater fags got nothin’!!!! The security guard is right, and should receive a promotion for dealing with you punks! ‘Nuff said bitches! That is all Oh, and by the way, that security guard WHOOPED YO ASS!!!! That’s called a beat down SON! ROFLMFAO!!!!

  9. Just because you can’t skate doesn’t mean you can call those of us that can quote/unquote "stupid"! If you feel so strongly about it, why not go out and actually try and find a "stupid" skateboarder that will "call his mommy if he gets pushed or shoved" and see if you’ll start a fight with one! Bet money you won’t and if you do, it’d be nice to post it on youtube so we can all see that you did indeed fight one that would probably beat your ass! So shut up

  10. Why didn’t the others help him? this security guard was clearly being too aggressive and deserved a beating

  11. What happened .? dude , what happened .? aha I know , but what happened .? Hey dude whappened .?

  12. That officer was a shithead and nobody can hate on this skater cause he fought back a lot of skaters pussy out

  13. they were not on the property anymore and you can tell the skater stuck the security guard the hardest ,his legs almost go out and hes a grown man fighting teens adnd people saying dumbass smartass kids shut up! the security guard initated all the conflict by saying hell break his arm plus the security guards a bitch for holding onto the kids shirt for leverage

  14. I don’t use security at my shop anymore. A 410 loaded with salt rock has been way more effective. I’ve only used one shell!

  15. skateboarders are stupid, they push people to the edge of insanity and then they call mommy when they get pushed or shoved, they know they’re breaking the law in the first place.

  16. DUMBASS SMART, NO WAIT,……DUMBASS KIDS. DON’T LOOK LIKE ANY KIDS I’VE EVER SEEN. And please, won’t you, LEARN HOW TO SPELL. And please, for the sake of the rest of the people on the earth, don’t have kids. ty. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  17. Punks do not understand that you can’t skate where ever you want. Punk backed off when the guy held his ground.

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