SECTA Security Training promo

SECTA Security Training promo

SECTA Training is one of the leading training specialists with over 20 years’ experience offering courses in risk assessment, security, occupational health and safety, first aid, and other areas to individuals, businesses and Government.

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  1. I am from the United States now presently living in Australia…i took the security course at Secta…Dave was hands down informative, no nonsense, hard, firm but very approachable for questions. He instructed the best security course i could have taken., its well worth the money…I learned so much of the right way how security should be done….The entire staff personal there at Secta are true professionals and have a great passion for a secure and well trained security personal…Thanks Dave and are the best…..Terrence

  2. Ah yes Dave is the best, I did my course in 2 days in 1996 (remember the arm in plaster?) at Bankstown Sports Club.
    Its now 2014 and I’ve been out of the industry for 10 years, I’ll be contacting Secta soon to re-gain the licence, not the best paying job but semi retired is handy income.

  3. Dave is someone that this country needs. Straight forward, no sugarcoating and no political correctness bullshit. I learned a lot from this man. Whether I want to do security long term or not, he taught us a lot. Huge shoutout to Les as well.

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