Road Rage By San Diego Sheriff Dt. Paul Ward, Chokes Security Guard (unedited)

Road Rage By San Diego Sheriff Dt. Paul Ward, Chokes Security Guard (unedited)

San Diego Sheriff’s Detective Abused His Power On A Young Black Male.

On May 4, Robert Branch was driving to work on Interstate 8 when he passed a Ford Fusion in front of him. After he passed the car, Branch said the Fusion’s driver tried to force him off the road.

According to Branch, the driver parked behind him and got out of the car. At that point, Branch said he got suspicious and turned on his cellphone to start recording.

In the video, Branch is heard saying: “I’m in La Mesa right now. You see this officer right now. Right now, he does not have his lights on.”

Branch said, “I don’t see a gun, I don’t see a badge, I don’t see anything, no handcuffs. He pulls out his wallet saying ‘San Diego sheriff’s department.'”

The detective demands to see his license and registration and threatens to detain him, according to Branch.

As Branch’s cellphone continues to record, the plainclothes detective — identified as Paul Ward of the department’s Child Abuse Unit — comes up behind him and puts his arm around Branch’s neck in a choke maneuver.

Branch says in the video: “You cannot touch me, you can’t touch me. Sir, can you call police? You see this? You cannot touch me …”……………

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  1. wow the dude obviously is a straight out actor because he knows his phone camera is rolling lol

  2. Should of had a gun ! Chances of getting killed by a governMental uniform is 55 times higher than being killed by there so called terrorist and if your black the odds skyrockets

  3. Resisting arrest? Robert Branch did not even resist the choke hold applied by Paul Ward. Was this proper police procedure? To follow a suspect off duty alone? Charges against Branch one month after Branch filed a lawsuit?

    Paul Ward, did you really need to approach to choke this kid with this smile on your face? Was it fun for you, Paul Ward? Could you have just told the kid (Robert Branch) to stay put and have uniformed on-duty cops called to the scene instead? If the kid had refused and continued on instead, since you were apparently already willing to follow the kid for nine miles, why could you not continue to follow him and arrange for uniformed on-duty law enforcement to encounter the kid? Also, you could have warned the kid to stay or charges would be filed for obstructing justice. One young man once cooperated with me in returning to a scene where I thought he may have stolen a bicycle from one of my neighbors to verify it was lawfully given to him in exchange for not calling the police. Why would Security Officer Branch not want to cooperate likewise. You did not even give him the chance, did you, Paul Ward?

    Why did you not simply tell the kid that you did not sound your siren nor flash your lights because you are off-duty but that you want the kid to stay put so that uniformed on-duty cops can come to resolve this case and what you saw the kid do. If you told the truth the kid may have cooperated with you. Reckless driving because the kid was in a hurry to get to work on time, which I see as a possibility, true, not a certainty, may have not caused him to lose his guard card such that he would have no need to run if you did not appear to be spoiling for a choke hold. How can a kid be sure you are law enforcement just because you flash a badge? How does he know the badge is real? How many of We the People truly know what a Deputy-Sheriff’s badge looks like?

    If the kid had the legal option of waiting for uniformed officers to arrive before you took any action against him, then why did you, as a professional that I expect you to be, not present that option to the kid? Because a choke hold and the manipulation of your possible superior knowledge of the law over the kid to jerk the kid over was more fun for you?

    Why would this kid want to risk the charge of "assaulting a peace officer" (On the grounds that the kid told the off-duty deputy to stop the use of this unneccesary force or be pepper sprayed?) or resisting arrest (on the grounds that the kid did not sit down when Ward said to?) unless the kid felt he was under threat of injury or death? The kid would lose his Guard Card as well as go to prison over this.

    Alright, the trials need to be in the court room, not the news media. Paul Ward, if you are found to have acted in this incident in a manner that brings an adverse judgement against this County then I want you off my payroll ASAP.

    Bonnie Dumanis, if Robert Branch is found, Not Guilty in Court, I want that you too are off my payroll ASAP along with some of your people. Your team apparently feels they have reviewed this case well enough.

    At what point may regular citizens resist battery by law enforcement without it being "assault on a peace officer" or "resisting arrest" as it appears that Branch was doing?

    Sheriff William Gore, please have Paul Ward re investigated thoroughly but fairly. But, are you going to try to tell We the People that Mr. Ward really did have to handle this the way he did? Do I understand correctly that fellow deputies have complained about Ward’s unneeded violence? You are to defend the Constitution of the United State of America and the State of California which includes deputies from refraining from violence that can be avoided without impairing the health, safety, and welfare of We the People.

    Al Sharpton, would you please get off this case? In my opinion, you lost much credibility when you helped Tawna Brawley press false rape charges against a police officer such that your lack of credibility may unfairly taint the credibility of this kid.

    NAACP, other organizations, that have more credibility than Al Sharpton, failure to help this kid out when he needs it, is causing you to lose yours.

    The general public should know that security guards in California are required to pass criminal records checks of data with California’s Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Criminals are not legally allowed to be security officers just as peace officers are not.

  4. Tl first thing is if you’re being pulled over by unmarked car you have the right to remain silent and the request a marked car it even says that if you’re pulled over on the side road that you can pull to us safer int he handled it wrong because I did not hear that guides identify himself as police so the end and he should have been telling them I’m STPD and he should have said yes we will call a black and white over here he did not I would actually taking sooo this cuz your rights were violated

  5. So what is going to be the outcome?  Probably nothing. Police act as thugs nowadays because they know they can get away with it…videos or no videos, recordings or no recordings…they are above the law.  I’m wiling to bet that NOTHING will be done to the deputies.

    OK, maybe some "re-training" as a sop to to the public.

  6. I would love to see the video where the same guy puts the sheriff in a choke hold…..and chokes him to death…a really good idea in my opinion

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