REAL Ghost In Hotel Filmed by Security Guard

REAL Ghost In Hotel Filmed by Security Guard

Real Ghost Filmed By Hotel Security Guard

Here is a bit more info to help clear up several of the comments and questions I’ve gotten about this video:
This video was sent to me by the security guard who filmed it. I work as a skeptic for hire, and people pay me to try and debunk strange and unusual situations and incidents like this.
This was filmed with a cell phone camera, he was making a quick video for his wife showing her what he did at work and how boring his new job was, and to show her what an empty casino looked like.
The guard was looking down at his phone as he came off the elevator; and in the small screen it took awhile to realize that something was there. And when he did finally see it, he turned and ran the other direction.
I can’t tell if it’s real either, I’m taking the guard’s story at face value.
The hotel was being completely remodeled; it was closed, there were no guests. The remodel crew was only working during the day; so the hotel was completely locked down at night and there was only 1 guard there at night.


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  1. Hahahaha. Spooky as shit. Weren’t ghosts though. Probably some occult
    peodophile ring that has rented out the rooms for secret use. The boss of
    the establishment just didn’t tell the guard. I’m eating cheerios atm….if
    any one cares.. 

  2. So he always films patrols? Funny how he is filming- if this were real,
    you’d not have time to turn any camera on. Also he is a crap guard- not
    investigating, running like a pussy

  3. Some people believe in ghosts, spirits, Santa Clause, the easter bunny, big
    foot etc. If your ignorant enough to believe they are real then they are to
    you. When children grow up the realize they are all just make believe.

  4. Las vegas mob murder from the 1970’s…. I don’t buy 1 security guard for a
    huge casino hotel,also which hotel think about it?

  5. looool , this trap of a video is well made goood way of getting alot of
    views , people should learn if the want more views lol

  6. Uhm…lemme make that clear again. the guy is a SECURITY guard and fled the
    building because he saw this? I mean…really? He might wanna get another
    job for himself. A security guard scared of ghosts..yeah, right.

  7. "There were no guest in the hotel at this time"
    Yea….in las Vegas… fucking stupid do you think we are? FAKE.

  8. Pretty crazy if any of this could be proven to be true after all this is a
    beinmeister production and this guy is just trying to get hits.

  9. #ghost #realghost #ghostbusters #ghosthunting #haunted
    #hauntedplaces #hauntedhotel #spirit #scaryghost 

  10. It’s these kind of videos that make people not believe in ghosts or the
    supernatural. You can’t just point out a light and a couple of shadows and
    call it real, and maybe it was, but how can we know that? I’m not saying
    it’s fake, but we just don’t have the proper evidence that proves the
    ghost’s existence.

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  12. You insist teh building was empty an dthat nobody could have got in or hid
    within teh building…SO WHY THE SECURITY inside then?

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