Private Security – My Experience

Private Security – My Experience

I recently left my job as a private security guard, and I thought it would be fun and informative to speak a little bit about it. In kick ass security guard looks, of course. ;P


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  1. freak…..your inside why wear sunglasses? funny guy? lol idiots guide to
    common sense…. lol this is so funny! be the perfect $5 an hour job god!!!

  2. Yes, each state has a training program provided by your state police for
    corrections and security officers. In my state it’s known as ACT 235, which
    grants you a permit to utilize a weapon on private security detail.

  3. hey men I want join in a PMc…i know I must have experience…I dont
    have…but I want join…im like the way of that companies

  4. allright that makes sense…..? why are you filming from a tent or is that
    a homeless persons wallpaper behind you..? these videos are just to make
    you feel better about yourself there isnt any Facts or decent ideas just
    you trying too get attention in your little world…lol MORE WOMEN FOR
    NORMAL PEOPLE!!!! thats how i see it.

  5. Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris are also skinny, but they could kick my 6’1
    230 pound ass. It’s the small guys that always give me the most problems.

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