Police, Security Officer and Firearms Training Video

Police, Security Officer and Firearms Training Video

Security Officer and Law Enforcement Training Video.

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  1. @orbitair you don’t pull the gun if you’re not going to use it. pulling a gun to get attention or respect, I don’t even have to explain that.

  2. Good. I am very happy about the support, because, I am a Security Officer and have a license to carry firearm also.

  3. WOW!! that is a horrible training!! come on!! if your are an "instructor" should first look like one!! that is your job!! not a joke!! be fit!! and look like you mean and know what you teach!! look at what your students are doing!! and remember that what they do in training … they’ll do out on the street!! follow up!! that should mean something to you!! risk assessment !!!! shit!!! and he used to be a cop!! no wonder people are more scare of cops than criminals!!

  4. holy shit no prior gun knowlege?? and u give the guy a gun ?? wft!!? idiots…what do u think will happen?? remember the rookie cop in Brooklyn’s finest???

  5. The thing is training a security officer to the point where they are professional is rare, most agencies don’t want to spend the time or the money to properly train a guard. Personally if I was going to be an armed guard I would want the kind of training that would qualify me as a peace officer and how many training companies can do that?

  6. I saw this video and decided to take my classes at SOTC. WOW was I licky to find these guys. I learned so much and know have a great security job! THANKS SOTC!

  7. On average how much do security guards get paid… Im a machinist/ machine operator I’ve done this for 5 years and I’m wanting to try something different

  8. sucks, in the state of Michigan theres NO REQUIRED training to be an Armed Security Officer. Thankfully Im an FTO so I train when I can. 5 years Army experiance 3 years armed S/O in community Housing.

  9. I am a licensed armed security guard in California, I am horrified at what is going on in this video. I went to Black Wolf Defense Training in Oceanside and got great training from a former Navy SAMI instructor. He was great, knew the facts and how to train. He taught me Use of force, and tactical moment. hiramavif@hotmail.com Passed without a hitch. I recommend Black Wolf Defense Training. before you go for your permit to carry. The guy in this video is a joke !

  10. Good to hear, also try going to a community college and getting a 2 year degree in Criminal Justice if possible.

  11. Sadly, the mall cops in my area don’t carry guns. I hope at least they have guns in their security office.

  12. An officer shoot do absolutly EVERYTHING in their power to prevent loss of life, Including the suspect.

  13. Idk about any where else but in Oklahoma you do have to take a mental test be4 being able to take armed security training, o and by the way not all of us security guards are ass hole wanna be cops that had a bad child hood or what ever. I got into security so I could serve a purpose rather than flipping burgers for a living a min wage. I don’t want to be a cop cause their job pretty much is an ass hole job you can’t do it with out being one so think be4 you call every security guard a rent a co

  14. wow man im a instructor for a federal contractor in the DC tri state area and that….from what i have seen was pathetic. i saw at least 6 safety violations from the students and the instructor was obviously not mentoring the students there shot groups were just bad shooting stance, grip, trigger control ect ect. your restraining technique was way to complicated and useless for real life situations and use of force was not covered in detail

  15. they dont unless your in another country but there are 3 types of security guards private patrol operators , security guards, and proprietary private security officer the first two can carry guns the last can not the first is the security guards main boss the last is a mall cop and doesnt get paid anything and cant do anything

  16. I also have a few tips for security officers. Few good infestments if you decide to become a security officer…

  17. well in california if you just have the security guard license youll make $8-10 hr if you have a taser permit baton permit firearms permit and pepper spray permit youll make $17- 60 hr

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