Police Duty Belt: A Closer Look

The duty belt is just one small piece of our Police edc. Let’s look at the whole picture.
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Uncle Mikes “mirage pro 3” belt

Uncle Mikes inner belt

Streamlight stinger LED

Safariland model 6285 SLS level II retention light bearing duty holster

Smith and Wesson model 100 handcuffs

“tripple out” magazine pouch slimline model 775 open top

Monadnock “autolock” 21″ extendable baton

As a Field training officer (FTO) for Police and Security personnel, few questions come up as much as how to set up a duty belt. The problem is that like so many things in this industry people ask the wrong queations and, consequently, get the wrong answers.

The duty belt is but a small portion of a police officer or Security person’s load carriage system. We should be asking “How do I set up my uniform?”. The whole thing works as a unit to assist us in doing our job.

Here I will outline briefly my system for the things I carry on my person at work. As always there is volumes more to say on the issue.

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