Police Duty Belt: A Closer Look

Police Duty Belt: A Closer Look

The duty belt is just one small piece of our Police edc. Let’s look at the whole picture.
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Uncle Mikes “mirage pro 3” belt

Uncle Mikes inner belt

Streamlight stinger LED

Safariland model 6285 SLS level II retention light bearing duty holster

Smith and Wesson model 100 handcuffs

“tripple out” magazine pouch slimline model 775 open top

Monadnock “autolock” 21″ extendable baton

As a Field training officer (FTO) for Police and Security personnel, few questions come up as much as how to set up a duty belt. The problem is that like so many things in this industry people ask the wrong queations and, consequently, get the wrong answers.

The duty belt is but a small portion of a police officer or Security person’s load carriage system. We should be asking “How do I set up my uniform?”. The whole thing works as a unit to assist us in doing our job.

Here I will outline briefly my system for the things I carry on my person at work. As always there is volumes more to say on the issue.

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  1. I’m 15,my goal when I grow up is to become a police officer. to serve my
    country a better place! and fight crime when ever in need

  2. Very informative and educational Due to the fact that amma be a police
    officer when i grow up :D

  3. Hey, very nice channel, I have subscribed. Are you allowed to make a video
    about the radio? The police here in Romania used to have VHF Motorolas, the
    CP040 was very popular, but a few years ago they have switched to digital
    TETRA (encrypted) also made by Motorola.

  4. Why on earth would a peace officer need 5 clips, the weight alone would be
    a problem ,also what on earth situation would require such firepower
    without waiting for backup, over kill

  5. i really, enjoy you’re videos! i plan on joining the Police Cadet program,
    and i think what i learn here will benefit when i one day serve here in the
    Nation’s Capital. thank you

  6. You say you’re a small guy, just how small? I’m currently 16 years old,
    5’6, I’ve been wanting to become a police officer ever since I knew what
    they were. My height kind of lowers my confidence in following my dreams,
    not sure if I’ll grow anymore.

  7. 2 questions:
    1) what length baton is that?
    2) why not carry two hinge cuffs vice 1 chain, 1 hinge?
    Good info, thanks.

  8. How do you feel about Boston Leather gear in general? Also, I’m sure you’ve
    noticed my recent bombardment of questions on your channel recently, I
    apologize. Law enforcement has been a dream of mine for a long time and I’m
    super nervous about the whole hiring process I’m going through. I just want
    to learn as much as possible before I go through training.

  9. quick question, i see most police, corrections and security run their taser
    in a cross draw fashion. is that just because there’s a lack of left handed
    taser holsters or is running them cross draw for the strong hand better
    than weak hand? (i personally find leaving the strong hand available for
    lethal, baton, etc a better option. and if a cross draw is what was needed,
    i would probably put it on my vest). thanks

  10. It feels nice and safe to have polices out. When im getting older i wanna
    be a police or work on hospital. Great video i will subscribe

  11. not a police officer but work as a fugitive recovery agent love the gear
    videos thanks keep them coming. !!

  12. The light also doesn’t get intentionally turned on either. You need tail
    cap to turn it on and off easily, if you leave it on the criminals can
    follow where you are going.

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  14. damn son, 3 extra mags ?
    im a police officer from germany and in my state we have just the mag in
    our gun.
    if something big goes down here, were basically fucked with just 13 rounds
    on us.

  15. I agree with your dislike of your dept’s caliber choice, but I’m impressed
    they issue a long slide competition model. I believe the long slide 5+ inch
    barreled models of pistols are perfect for LE
    I work in PA and had to purchase my duty gun, so I bought an M&P 9 Pro
    Series long slide.

  16. Considering how gunhappy the COPS are now days, they should get rid of the
    utility belt entirely. The only thing they should wear is their uniform and
    carry their gun in one hand at all times. Their gun should be a Glock with
    a 50 rnd drum. This will free up much needed money for Cities and States to
    pay for all the wrongful death lawsuits…

  17. Interesting to have your beton directly behind your service weapon. I
    earned extra pushups for that lol. I carry mines on the left to cross
    draw., I also carried my Taser, flashlight and radio on the left. I carry
    my magazine and Handcuff pouch on the right. My glove pouch is also in the
    small of my back.

  18. I’m waiting for my psych results and my academy invitation with CHP. I
    daydream about serving and being on patrol. I can’t imagine the joy and the
    smile on my face when I finally set up my belt. Thanks for the video and
    the insight.

  19. Talking about lack of belt real estate, I did gear sales for a while and
    one of my favorite customers was this tiny little pixie of a woman. She was
    mid-40’s or so, really slender, but hard as a rock. Sergeant-major in the
    air force and retired, then went in full time as a police officer. She was
    in the store on the regular because she was just so tiny that her gear and
    to be special ordered. I was utterly shocked when we get the PO to get her
    a thigh holster. That department was VERY static when it came to things
    like that and very strict on what you could put on the belt, but her waist
    was so slender that it was just impossible to put all the kit on it. They
    let her wear that thigh holster (safariland, same rig they bought for SWAT)
    and it sorted out all her belt issues.

    Still have no idea how someone so slender could be so strong, but I
    would’ve been perfectly happy to have her respond in a bad situation, tiny
    or not.

  20. Try a buck celcerc small folder it is an amazing little knife if you can
    get the big folder much bigger and a tiny bit better

  21. What are your thoughts on load bearing vests over duty belts? Especially
    from a security standpoint?

    Normally I think any generic off-the-shelf non-ballistic vest looks really
    tacky, even on law enforcement.
    But I recently invested (pun intended) in a custom & tailor made LBV from
    the same company that makes LBVs for Queensland Police. I haven’t got it
    yet, but they assure me it will look really smart, even in plain clothes.
    Hoping that’s the case, otherwise I’ll have spent nearly $500 to look like
    a complete twat.

  22. how have you learn a setup? like in the academy, did they have you try a
    setup and you moved things around until it’s comfortable?

  23. I am firefighter/captain/commander in the Fort Wayne Fire Department & I
    have my own duty belt for my firefighting stuff.

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