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On September 18, 2009, the TORONTO STAR breaks the story that “For $160, the Star’s Brett Popplewell became a licensed security guard and private investigator — two jobs he has no idea how to perform.”

Well MISSISSAUGAWATCH beat that!. Less than three weeks shy her 60th birthday, for total laughs, The Mississauga Muse grabbed an old unused passport photo, went to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (777 Bay Street, 3rd Floor) and bought her Ontario Security Guard license in 3 minutes 33 seconds.

This video shows me opening my Ontario Security Guard card when it arrived on Monday, September 28, 2009 just six business days later.

It really is as easy and quick as that.

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  1. @MISSISSAUGAWATCH lol i emailed them and they said hand in your form give
    us a passport photo or bring your self down to the office and we will do it
    for you still the same

  2. @MISSISSAUGAWATCH That’s the law who is responsible !! The law says, as a
    security guard u have the right to do nothing in case of a fight, robbery,
    fire and hi-jacking. But notes should be taken down. That I like about this
    job: if a dog is pregnant, a person finger is cut, big mama can’t walk any
    further; all I have to do is to call 911 and tell the cause and location.

  3. To better clarify your response,you need the following criteria to become a
    licensed security professional; 1.You need to be 18 years old. 2.Can
    legally work in Canada. 3.Clean criminal record(you mentioned that) 4.You
    MUST complete 40 hrs of training and pass the ministry exam. The test fee
    is $60. I think the license is now 2 years.Not one.

  4. @slw154 So you conclude that because I wrote, "Security guards have
    important, difficult and unenviable jobs." that I am "vindictive and hate
    an entire group of people"? What? You think security guards’ jobs AREN’T
    "important"?! What? You think security guards’ jobs AREN’T "difficult"?! Or
    that you think security guards’ jobs AREN’T "unenviable"?! Look
    "unenviable" in a dictionary ASSHOLE! I don’t envy their tough jobs and the
    people they have to face! WHAT PATHETIC BITCH SHIT YOU OUT?!

  5. @whysoserious0033 Hi there. Sorry, have no idea how long it takes nowadays.
    Waiting a month, huh?… WOW, that’s quite a difference between me
    receiving mine in just a little over a week! Best wishes.

  6. @MrBongeorgeo @MrBongeorgeo Sorry CREEP, but it’s *you* who’s the liar. Or
    just a total idiot. Then again maybe both. Did you even bother to notice
    the DATE of this video? September 2009. And in September 2009, all you
    needed to get a Security Guard license in the Province of Ontario was to
    cough up the 75-bucks and fill out a form. That’s IT. Oh! And fog a mirror.
    Clearly your 40 hours of "training" doesn’t include noticing dates
    displayed prominently on the bottom of a video. D-uhhh 

  7. Any Canadian citizen with a clean record can get a Security Licence. You
    must then be hired by a licenced/registered business which provides you
    with training depending on the type of Security you are hired for. People
    get hired as Police Officers by a Police Service without training and then
    are sent to be trained at the Police College!!! I find it insulting that
    you take your limited knowledge of this subject and degrade an industry
    that helps protect the community that you live in.

  8. @FireRescueCanada No. Actually both YOU and Bill 159, Ontario’s "Bill 159 –
    Private Security & Investigative Services Act" is the JOKE! This vile act
    allowed Ontario municipalities to exempt their security guards from the
    provisions of that act and especially the independent provincial complaints
    system simply by having their councils declare them "peace officers".
    Meaning the municipal (City of Mississauga) security guards enjoy
    "investigations" from their hack-bosses.

  9. "Yet any illiterate knob able to suck in air can be a security guard." Yes
    for the most part its very true, walking around a building and making sure
    no one robs it, that’s is not rocket science. We really don’t need some one
    who thinks they are a cop because of their 100 hour training. These people
    are dangerous, they can get themselves and others hurt. Id much rather have
    a fat illiterate knob that would rather call the police and let the
    professionals do their job.

  10. U have the laziest job in the world, & u r not happy!! 80 bucks is nothing-
    8 hours sleeping (on duty). Be happy !! ok

  11. @PoliceRPG No. You don’t have to actually go downtown. I only went there
    because I wanted to create this video to show how easy it was to get a
    Security Guard license in Ontario. I filled in that form right there in the
    office! Piece of cake! GOOGLE in quotes: "applying on-line; application
    status; confirmation of licence status; training completion; payment
    information; or supporting documentation, please e-mail:
    PrivateSecurity@ontario.ca" and you’ve got all the info you need. 

  12. lolll fuckn weird ass states got retarded laws n requirements…here in NY
    to be a security guard u gotta take an 8 hour course which u are given a
    final exam at the end of….8 hours is usually like $60….then get your
    fingerprints by a specialized company which is $100 (they don’t accept
    prints from the police department) then you gotta fill out like 5 or 6
    pages of paper work, mail it to the state that has a fee of $36 than after
    being hired, within 90 days u need take a 16 hour course $120

  13. thats funny, I’ve been waiting almost 5 months for mine (still havent
    gotten it) & I actually have a security job. wow

  14. @PoliceRPG What?! All still the same?! No test to get a security license?
    LMAO! If that’s the case maybe I’ll stroll down there and *this* time buy a
    Private Investigator license! Either way, glad you’re enjoying this. Best
    of luck and best regards!

  15. @MISSISSAUGAWATCH didnt you have to fill a form out? and you had to travel
    all the way down town?

  16. How is me getting a security guard license in under a week such a big deal?
    Because all I (or anyone) has to do to "qualify" was not have a criminal
    record and fog a mirror. The ONLY standard lower than that is to allow
    people with criminal records to become security guards because dead people
    don’t fill out security guard applications. The other problem (people write
    me and say) is security guards who think they’re Police –although I use
    the word "think" loosely.

  17. well now it changed, you can’t get your security guard like that, and if
    you did its now expired. 

  18. I got my security guard license as a lark just to prove how easy it was to
    get. That was back in September 2009. Don’t know what it’s like now. But
    back in the day my father was 87 and I considered having HIM sign up for a
    security guard license instead of me. Cost of card was $80 (if memory
    serves) and got the card in about a week. Still have it in fact! And it
    wasn’t a mistake where someone should be fired. ANYONE 18+ could just buy a
    security guard license. Even a 90 year old with cane!

  19. @PoliceRPG Hi there. Not sure about now but you’re absolutely right. Back
    when I applied Ontario security licenses truly were given out like candy. I
    was actually tempted to bring my 89 year old father (86-87 at the time the
    video was made) down to that office and have him apply. But the walking
    around (from parking lot to that office) would have been too fatiguing and
    we’d have required a wheelchair. But had he shown up in a wheelchair,
    they’d STILL have to have given him that license!

  20. @afgbloodin Okay this was back in 2009 but you just fill out the form, pay
    $80.00 and a week later an envelope arrives with your Security Guard
    license! It’s that simple. You just need to be able to breathe in and out
    and not have a criminal record. 

  21. Here in Ontario, people are rather stupid. When they see a security guard
    they expect training comes with the uniform. Here’s the thing. Companies
    like Primary Response and Intercon also provide security for
    municipalities. For example, City of Brampton has Primary Response security
    guards. Again, here in Ontario, people are rather stupid. When they see
    security guards at their city halls they assume even better training than a
    private guard. Security industry called for better standards.

  22. @CanadianLPer hey do you know how long it takes to get it in the mail
    because i have been waiting for a month now lol 

  23. hey do they still give them out like candy or do they force you to do the
    course now because I am turning 19 and want to get the license for a part
    time job 

  24. @PoliceRPG I really can’t remember but I’m pretty sure this was the place:
    Private Security & Investigative Services The Private Security and
    Investigative Services Branch 777 Bay Street, 3rd floor Toronto, Ontario
    M7A 2J6 Telephone (Toronto area): 416-212-1650 Toll free: 1-866-767-7454
    Fax: 416-212-1603 You’re best to call and confirm first. And important
    reminder. All I had to do for that license was pay $80.00 and fog a mirror.
    The Province might now require a bit of testing first…

  25. Regarding the big deal. From the Ministry of Community Safety and
    Correctional Services website: "On September 14, 1999, Patrick Shand, 31,
    died of restraint asphyxia, following a struggle with a security guard and
    others who were attempting to detain him for shoplifting. A coroner’s
    inquest was held in 2004, and the jury delivered 22 recommendations to
    improve and enhance private security training and policies." Google "Djo
    Bwabwa Kalamba". Both Kalamba and Shand died BLACK.

  26. Most SGs I know don’t want to be cops. I know of one SG Agency that won’t
    likely even hire you if you want to be a cop because they consider you a
    liability because you likely have a personality disorder. Most guards just
    want a job, just like anyone else. Who’s next, the kid at Canadian Tire
    that knows nothing about cars? Why the hatred and vindictive comments
    against Security Guards? I can certainly say that I know more cops that
    belong in jail for something they did they any Security Grd

  27. were is the place because getting the security lisence for me was 300
    dollar and i have to go to classes can you send me the address and number
    so that i can get the lisence tnks

  28. @mslc2485 HEY ASSHOLE! I know a *lot* about Bill 159 and *especially* how
    EASY it is for Ontario municipalities to avoid this legislation! All any
    town or city in Ontario has to do to have their security guards avoid the
    independent Provincial complaints process is to pass a by-law proclaiming
    them "peace officers". That’s all it takes for a municipality to protect
    their uniformed hacks from accountability. Then again, if you bushed up on
    Bill 159, you’d KNOW that. GO FUCK YOURSELF. 

  29. @FireRescueCanada Well I’m sure YouTube will watch this video, see it for
    what it is –investigative reporting of the TRUTH, and assume you’re a
    whack. I’m shining a light on public accountability –the Public’s Right to
    Know. Government proclaims Bill 159 as addressing security guard abuses and
    lack of training. Note, you seem terribly terribly shrekked by
    accountability… I’m confident in YouTube’s Staff. This video will be up
    for years. But you won’t. I’m BLOCKING you, so Enjoy,!

  30. @slw154 You asked, "Why the hatred and vindictive comments against Security
    Guards?" Security guards have important, difficult and unenviable jobs. But
    I DO have problems with one group of security guards. And they are the
    quasi-fascist unethical outfit at the City of Mississauga (confirmed
    through Freedom of Information). As far as I can determine they are the
    only security guards not subject to Ontario’s Private Security and
    Investigative Services Act, 2005 –and "investigate" themselves!

  31. @Poseidon99Jeus For the record I’m not a security guard. I only bought that
    security guard license to prove all you need in Ontario to be a security
    guard is forking over 80 BUCKS! And I agree with you. The security guards
    at the City of Mississauga really do have one of the laziest jobs in the
    world, get paid over $56,000 base (benefits/pension part of their deal) AND
    their security bosses lie for them to cover up any complaints. THEY’RE
    happy but the public sure is screwed!

  32. This videos a joke it dont even work like this u need 80 hours of testing .
    Your full of shit

  33. Lol that’s great, i’ve paid $300 for the 40 hours training, $60 for the
    securty guard test and $80 for the application for the card. and after i
    get the application sent in i have to wait 45-60 days more. bahaha what a

  34. @MISSISSAUGAWATCH Look up SEKURITY GUARD on facebook and join… we need
    more rights for Ontario Security Guards.

  35. Yes I KNOW that any Canadian citizen with a clean record… etc etc Far as
    I know our police service RECRUITS people and then gives them extensive
    training. For example to be even a police auxilary demands 500 hours of
    training. Yet any illiterate knob able to suck in air can be a security
    guard. As for "limited knowledge", I’ve been filing Freedom of Information
    since January 2007 and KNOW about your clusterF*** dog’s breakfast Security
    "industry". And SPARE me the crap "protect" bullshit!

  36. Hi there, Whoa whoa! Careful. If the lady told you it will take four weeks
    then that’s what you should believe. Perhaps you didn’t notice but this
    video was shot on September 28, 2009! 2009. I created it to prove how just
    about anyone could get a security license –you just had to fork over the
    $80. I suspect that the Province’s Bill 159 has something to do with it now
    taking four weeks. Don’t know. But there was a time when all you needed was
    money. And no criminal record. Nothing else.

  37. @ve3tru Agree with you 100%. Especially the part, "We really don’t need
    some one who thinks they are a cop because of their 100 hour training.
    These people are dangerous, they can get themselves and others hurt." The
    smart ones though know their limitations and call the police. I don’t envy
    security guards –tough job that I’d be too chicken to … way too chicken
    to try.

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