NYPD Police Officer Gets Ass Kicked By NYPD Police Officers

NYPD Police Officer Gets Ass Kicked By NYPD Police Officers

Harold Thomas, 29 year NYPD veteran says he was racially profiled, assaulted, unlawfully detained and arrested by NYPD Officers. Here’s the funny, I mean sad story. Drunken Peasants Petition: https://www.change.org/p/google-youtube-reverse-the-strike-on-the-drunken-peasants-youtube-account/share

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Sources: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/nypd-cop-racially-profiled-arrested-wrongfully-arrested-cops/

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  1. And along with sympathetic, officers should be honest and just; not a pack
    of renegade muggers abusing their policing powers and the spirit of the
    law. And they wonder why they’re not respected or trusted. Physician heal

  2. I take it that cops don’t like being treated the same way they treat the
    public…….but why Cry?

  3. Your just another black man… Esau/white man killing, Jacob/the so called
    African American…

  4. The only problem here is that the suspect was still allowed to retire, and
    not get fired instead.

  5. This doesn’t seem like racial profiling. He must have pissed someone off
    and they made an example of him. Doesn’t mean he deserved it. They’re shit
    for doing it.

  6. Yeah now you know MOFO how it works in the real world ,especially the
    innocent people run thru the system ,lives shattered ,because of some
    jitter bug cowboy cops. Detective? He doesn’t sound too bright

  7. Hope Lamar dies. Don’t give a fuck about that loser other than that. If
    someone had thrown a live grenade at these cops while they were harassing
    this guy then they could have eliminated all the issues.

  8. just think what would of happened if it was any of us that arent cop man we
    would of gotten screwed

  9. He’s a cop??!! So what ..what about he’s a fucking human…fuck’em the
    world is round, get what you give.Now he know what being black EVERY

  10. So, I’m confused. Was he drunk? Did he get belligerent? Neither one of
    these things makes it okay for him to get beat up, I’m just not sure what
    really happened. In any case, my cousin was a police officer in D.C.. He’s
    Hispanic. He got beat up by fellow officers due to racism in the
    department. I don’t know if he may have told on someone, or what led up to
    it, since he had been working there for years before that. But, they were
    calling him racial slurs when it happened. So, I believe racism exists.
    But, if this guy here was under the influence, and doing something wrong,
    then shouldn’t the officers treat him like anyone else? I’m just not sure
    why since he’s an officer why he thinks they should give him special
    treatment. That would be wrong, too, right? I don’t think they should have
    been so rough, I’m not saying he deserved it, but, just because he’s an
    officer doesn’t mean it would be okay for him to drive drunk, either. The
    charges were probably dropped because he hadn’t got in his car, yet. But,
    what if he had? That’s what bothers me about this.

  11. haha this guy get his ass beat and his own sold him up the river and he
    still thinks they are the best. wtf that guy is brainwashed

  12. there is definitely some credibility to the race factor here. And I shit on
    BLM dumb mother fuckers. but if this were a white cop it may have been
    different…… Seeing all charges dropped. The chief knew his officers
    fucked up

  13. would have been better if these pigs blew each other’s brains into
    smithereens. fuck all pigs!!!

  14. This is sad because the first officer was probably a racist or a power
    tripping bitch. The rest were looking after their job because they would be
    fired for not backing up the officer. I always say 98% of white people
    aren’t racist but it only takes one racist pig to make shit like this
    happen. The officer that ruffed him up needs to be punished. It’s shit like
    this that makes it hard to change America. Everyone is so focused on the
    racism that no one can even see the pyramid scheme that our government has
    set in place to let the Police walk all over the lower class. All colors
    included. People need to leave racism alone and deal with the police first.
    Then murder every racist fucker no matter what color they are. This racism
    shit just extends their reign of abuse while throwing shit in our eyes and
    heads to make us hate other races. This world is doomed yo. :(

  15. that’s why people say fuck the police and be happy when they get killed
    they will go against there own people

  16. That’s not funny you should be able to go into any profession you want
    without being assaulted. Think about how many blacks will go into this
    profession in the future, if we don’t have any minorities coming into this
    profession the worsen it will become on minorities in the long run. We
    still need diversity to fight the oppression black officers may or may not
    be receiving. What do you want a all white police department.

  17. why in the hell would a black person be a cop? cops are one of the most
    racist governments in this country that hats people with dark skill. you
    support racism unwillingly or not when you become a cop

  18. asshole, would you shut the fuck up. your mom doesnt bitch this much when i
    smack that ass while im riding her doggy style

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