Night shift security guard

Night shift security guard

I heart U!

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  1. Jesus, if you shined a laser at the guys I work with, you’d end up in the fuckin’ morgue…and it would be justified.

  2. just started security, 12 hour shifts guarding a Satellite dish and exchange center, by my self…at night! should be fun 🙂

  3. i do armed security at a sexshop an believe it or not i rather have your post with my post i gotta worry bout every little item tht can be stolen i start a new post soon ill work alone all i need is my blackberry cell phone an im well enterained lol nice video

  4. Lmao I was crackin up the whole time. I haven’t watched the rest of your vids yet but I hope they stack up to this one!

  5. i thought that was great could have been better if you mess’t with him more like really scare the shit out of him and was he on drugs or something

  6. I’m a security officer and I work the night shift and totally agree it is boring lol. Thing is if your doing your rounds it makes the time go faster.

  7. u know how many times I applied for a fucking security job at a hospital and they don’t hire me even though I have a license but they hire these guys that sleep on the job.

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