Night in the Life of a Bouncer on New Years Eve

Night in the Life of a Bouncer on New Years Eve

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  1. I did this a while ago, Peter..Incidentally my working as a bouncer really
    soured me on the bar scene after I quit. One of the worst jobs I personally
    had and it was a learning experience. However, bouncers are needed and It’s
    more than just physical, brute force involved. People perceive you as a
    detriment to them having a good time when in essence, your presence
    actually fosters a safe, relatively speaking atmosphere.

  2. "Yeah, so I came out in the middle of winter not properly dressed and now
    I’m getting cold so it’s totally your responsibility to get me warmed up,

  3. You can’t throw people in the cold like that. You will be liable if
    anything happened… Hence why we don contract work and not pay guys
    without licenses to stand guard… If you want to come to Florida and do
    the real work let me know

  4. I will never understand for the life of me why people decide to screw with
    bouncers. The guy is bigger than you, probably a more experienced
    fighter… they say shit like "I’m not afraid of you" – dickhead, you
    *should* be afraid. Fear is a natural response that keeps us from getting
    killed. Vertigo stops us from splatting into a million pieces off some
    building-top somewhere. Arachnophobia keeps us from getting bitten on the
    dick by some massive great big hairy spider.

    Those balls will get you killed one day, son.

  5. Is this the only club in town? Also as long as someone isn’t being
    aggressive can’t you let them grab their checked coat on the way out, that
    seemed to be the cause of half the problems in this video.

  6. I definitely don’t miss doing this. Over 15 years as a bouncer, all I can
    say is. If you want to see why humanity sucks, become a bouncer.

  7. I use to be a bouncer at a shitty bar on 6th Street in Austin and damn
    those were crazy times like a MOTHERFUCKER! I wish I could have worn a
    camera and recorded all the shit that went down it would be a damn gold
    Much respect though bro a lot.of guys just throw down after 4 trys of
    getting them birches to leave

  8. "I paid 25 bucks to get in…"
    "I paid 50 bucks to get in man…"

  9. Never had a problem with a doorman in my life, but if it ever happens, i
    want this guy.
    "There’s a cap right there buddy, go home have a nice night"
    Yes sir!

  10. i miss being nice to the drunk assholes, you have great patience bro, might
    need to get back into bouncing again

  11. There will no peace in a society where the Word of God is not in their
    hearts (Proverbs 29:18).

  12. Was a bouncer in Oakland California for many years. You’re so much nicer
    than I ever was, or anyone I worked with. Haha.
    Probably just the Canadian lingo though. Always with the Please, thank you,
    and I’m sorry. Good people man.

  13. I like this bouncer alot of patience. I’m proud to say I’ve never been
    kicked out of a bar. I’ve had bouncers stand up for me when someone was
    getting kicked out one time and the guy pointed at me and was like "why am
    i getting kicked out hes been here allfucking night" and the bouncer justs
    like "no he fucking hasnt" truth is I was there since 5pm and it was like
    10 o clock at night and I was lit xD but if you just dont act like a drunk
    retard you should be fine :)

  14. Ex-Bouncer at Equinox Leicester Square London From 2005-2007. Do not like
    that Job at all, do something better with your life. It Sucks

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