Never before seen National Security Guard footage from 26/11/08 fighting

Never before seen National Security Guard footage from 26/11/08 fighting

NSG commandos shot footage of fighting the LeT who held the nation hostage with their tactics in Mumbai. This video has been released by them for the first time and we bring it to you in this clip.

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  1. Killing of innocent people are not permitted in any religion.So please think and make this world lovable to live in.

  2. Actually reaction against the terrorist was very slow and lack of training .  This is the big mistake from the forces first deployed their. One of the IPS officer incl  fully armed team vanished without any encounter. Some of the police constables and our NSG commandos done their job well.

  3. I will aprishiate the NSG commandos………
    Till our india have this type of commandos only till that day we all can sleep without free……..

  4. Indian commandos Ill equipped . Indian soldiers are only trained to die for country . They should be told to kill enemies of country and save their lives also as Indian soldiers are precious to our country . Better equipments are required . If handful militants survived more than 2 days then it indicates our agencies and commandos were in effective as militants carried limited supplies of arms so I don’t think the operation was that much successful rather it was actually a failure

  5. Needs lots of training and change of strategy…. Reaction is very slow for special force. Strategy and execution is dame bad.

  6. Please observe the equipment and personal gear used by the special forces, who were poorly equipped and lack the necessary hardware and accessories to engage in close urban combat.

  7. I couldn’t watch the video more than 10 minutes… horrifying… true example of the deep barbarism that still exist within humans. Only a terror cult is capable of bringing in the devil within a normal human being. This incident is just a tip of an iceberg of the total barbarism that was preached in 7th century and the devil that sleeps within every stupid who bends his back towards the mecca. The day these pigs are killed without mercy (I have started to think in their lines after watching their actions!) is the real tribute to the departed souls. allahu fuckbar!

  8. Well, by now all the TET terrorists (who already got their Passport & visa) for killing Hindus went to paradise and sleeping with 72_virgin angels (including their virgin mothers and virgin sisters.

  9. It is very Muslim to attack an innocent,and from behind.Islam is complete antithesis of civilization.Some of the comments here by Muslims confirm it.They are the army of the devil

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