Mother Gets TASED By Security Guard in FRONT of Children… TheBoozTube

Mother Gets TASED By Security Guard in FRONT of Children… TheBoozTube

Mother gets Tased By Security Guard in front Of Children… Good job Security Guard!

Darien Long, a security guard at Metro Mall in downtown Atlanta, deals with unruly patrons each day. Sometimes, they threaten him with violence.

Long regular records these encounters but one video, which was shot in May of last year, has recently gone viral. It is of Long tazering an unidentified woman who is seen in the video hurling foul language at him in front of her small children at Metro Mall.

It is not clear what exactly started the altercation but during the nearly five-minute video, the mother is clearly miffed at Long for addressing her children in what she considered to be a disrespectful tone. (Mom gets tased)

“Security! Don’t yell at my mothf**king baby,” she yelled. “She not inside this raggedyass mall. So you not finna yell at her!” She continues, “You looking over there. But you hear what I’m saying to your pu*sy ass! Don’t muthaf**kin yell at them!”

Oh, it gets much worse. ( mother gets tased by security guard )

Instead of leaving, the woman continues yelling obscenities at Long. She then encourages her young children to call the man “gay.” By this time, Long had retreated into the store he was guarding but the woman, her children and another unidentified woman accompanying her continued yelling at the guard. The children entered the store, after the guard ordered the mother to take them off the premises.

Instead of complying, she enters the store and physically confronts the guard. She can be seen throwing punches at him. The guard then took out his Tazer and fired at the mother. She hit the floor immediately. Her children stood near her crying hysterically. A man, who identified the children as “my babies,” expressed anger at Long for tasering the woman and threatened him.

“I’ll see you at six o’clock,” the man said numerous times.

In a recent interview with a local CBS affiliate in Atlanta, Long says that he video records the incidents so that he can help make the area a safer. “What you need to do is clean up the neighborhoods, so other businesses can come in and then downtown Atlanta can prosper,” he said.

The woman who was tazered was charged with criminal trespassing, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and simple battery.

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  1. upon further review, the guard interfered and started this altercation. his
    job, which seldom requires any effort, encourages neurotic responses, such
    as this reaction to the children being loud. the women shouldn’t have been
    so argumentative, and they are certainly conductive to the result of this
    event. the women with the children were clearly waiting for the male in the
    end of the video, so it should not be considered their fault for not
    leaving the premises after the initial engagement. In the circumstance that
    the engagement became physical on a bounds of self-defense, I would regard
    that his reaction with the taser was arguably appropriate. However,
    considering that the guard knew of the specific male they were waiting for,
    and that these women were being defensive of the children under their
    protection, he should have refrained from any use of physical force. I
    conclude that if not due to the evidence, the guard’s initial push on the
    women solidifies his partaking in the conflict. In both conflicts, it is
    the guard that shoves the woman. I had to watch this video several times,
    and longer versions of it, but my opinion changed from my initial
    reactions, which were siding with the guard.

    these parents are probably shit parents but we are the ones who partake in
    our sleezy consumer market. we need to invest in education.

  2. We know all black women aren’t like this….when we see a video of a crazy
    white woman we don’t think all are like that so black women no different.
    BUT the crazy black women are scary as hell. 

  3. The way you were talking about the lady and her kids straight up
    disrespectful in the way you’ve been talking about the way they speak in
    ghetto and ratchet was just racist as fuck so what if there were loud that
    man should have just left it alone

  4. This shit makes me so sad to be a black woman because this gives people the
    impression that all black women are like this and raise their children to
    be horrible like that smh.


    then why dont you take your nigress and your fucking spawn and leave?
    goddamn these are some stupid mother fuckers

  6. He should have tazed her ovaries!!! That way no more ratchett axx kids!
    Ugh…n I’m black! A raggedy azz mess! When keepin it real goes all the way

  7. She was wrong but there’s no need for the racial commentary, now your just
    as ignorant as she was

  8. "dont yell at my baby" yeah you probably did it enough already.. well
    deserved the women got tazed tho, if she just kept kalm nothing would have
    been happend, and the fact the kids yelling "you gay" that’s just crazy..
    f*ckt up society..

  9. The bad news: After striking at me and before her hand returned to her body
    I would begin beating her down.
    The good news: I have just enough control to stop after 5 seconds.
    The bad news: That’s all I need to put her in the hospital.
    The good news:Her man would most likely be in the bed next to her.
    Just because your a female don’t bank on men not hitting you back. The law
    is on my side after you lift your hands to me. I do not advocate ANYONE
    hitting another. Keep this in mind, you do not know the condition of the
    other person. In my case I have certain physical medical conditions and as
    such to protect myself I have to make it impossible for you to attack me
    again. When all else fails I will shoot with the intent to incapacitate you

  10. lol every adult in a fight is so braindead that they can only say one word
    or one sentence….

  11. I almost skipped this video until i noticed the "Notre Dame" pull-over!!
    So I watched and liked the video, plus it was pretty good!!

  12. i know i maybe respond a bit late but still you can become a great guard
    even thou u r a small man, and you can tase anyway so u don’t have to use
    your fists. I have a few friends that are smaller than me but heck they
    beat up everyone, that’s why they don’t get bullied, and maybe some people
    are scared of small men cuz they know kung-fu!

  13. Where do black people come from? They make it hard for blacks who have
    done the right things in life.

  14. Those kids need to see reality if you mess with a cop. Unbelievable people.
    If a cop tells you like 10 times and they don’t stop, they should tase them

  15. He shouldn’t have let go if the trigger, then he should have hit the
    ratchet trash getting in his face with the tazer.

  16. Anyone who thinks this represents black wonen is a bigger fool than she
    could ever wish to be! Hilarious was the wack azz baby daddy coming in
    AFTER THE FACT. Now u got sonething to say? You didn’t think it
    inappropriate her behavior or your spawns for that matter but u wanna get
    in that man’s face. She crawled her azz outta there I see. Lol

  17. So incredibly sad! I can’t wait until Jesus sets up his kingdom and rules
    this world in righteousness.

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