METROGUARD Security Guards Services

METROGUARD Security Guards Services

Metroguard is a rapidly growing security company in the Southern California Region serving as a security guard company to Fortune 500 companies, prominent construction companies, large residential communities and many municipalities. A team of highly sophisticated and experienced security consultants manage the company’s highly trained security guards and ensure constant communication with our clients resulting in customer satisfaction.

Metroguard security services differentiates itself from other security guard companies by understanding our client’s security needs and training our security guards accordingly. Our security guard protection team is courteous, reliable, well groomed and educated. We continuously coach the staff of our security guard company to prepare them for the many challenges our client’s businesses may face on a daily basis.

Our security guard services include providing Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California residents with armed security guards, unarmed security guards and patrol services for loss prevention or vandalism protection, reception security, access control, conflict resolution, construction site security, building security, apartment security, fire watch security services and much more. …

METROGUARD is committed to long-term client relationships. We believe in team-work, partnerships, professionalism, self evaluation and most importantly in soliciting feedback from our clients. What sets us apart is our ability to listen and tailor our security services to your needs.

We Provide Services for the Following:
•Office Buildings
•Gated Communities
•Shopping Centers
•Construction Sites
•Vehicle Patrol
•Loss Prevention
•Strikes/Union Disputes
•Special Events
•Movie Studios
•Alarm Response

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  1. Very Superb company their service is first class. I have hired them at many
    of my events they always keep everything under control they are very

  2. these guys are a joke, i hired them for a weekend event. promised the world
    and delivered absolute garbage. they showed up in a old beat up cehicle.
    the guard had no clue what to do despite me giving clear instructions to
    Mr.Cerda when he came out gave me a price.


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