Mark Knopfler brushes security guard away!!!

Mark Knopfler brushes security guard away!!!

A security guard was doing his job too well! And Mark Knopfler, unlike the security guy, wanted his fans to be allowed to take pictures if they wanted to, and chased the guy away.

This took place in Oslo, Norway, April 20th 2008. Amazing show.

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  1. @arnoldlayne1986 I like it when security does so, I’m there to see the
    bloody concert – not your cellphone.

  2. if i was in MK shoes i wouldnt mind filming my shows either as it will most
    likely end up on Youtube and hopefully increase my fanbase and concert
    numbers and in time my record sales also :D

  3. I was in Helsinki when marc played there, and I got really annoyed by all
    the guards running around telling everybody to put down their phones. "Not
    allowed"… it’s a rock concert not the Royal Opera

  4. thats true yeah if he’d care about that he would be much more in the
    spotlights then he is now, I really admire what he does he could be as
    known as one of today’s popstars but he just remains on the background but
    still gets sold out concerts. I guess your right about that one and indeed
    those filimg people were annoying on the 31 of march in HMH holland
    nevertheless he owned the concert :D

  5. This happened in Portland in July, someone came up to the very front and
    starting dancing and the guard tried to shoo him away. Mark intervened in
    that one too. Cool to have great performers who understand their fans.

  6. Mark Knopfler is a Guitar God. Mark Knopfler is real, down to earth &
    genuinely cares about his fans. What more can you ask for – he truly is a
    great person. 

  7. i was at the manchester gig the other night, and there was an announcement
    asking people not to take photos or videos besause ‘it has become a major
    irritation for mark and the band’…

  8. but you can see mark has real problems with people filming him and all like
    some people here on youtube sell his concert on dvd, this man brings a lot
    of good things with his music to a lot of people and some dudes screw him
    over by selling his concert on dvd no wonder the guard reacted like this
    because that were just his orders.. nevertheless dont fuck with Mark!

  9. I was accturally in Bergen, the day after this performance, and saw Mark..
    To many assholes standing so close to the stage with all the cellphones and
    cameras and shit.. even though it wasnt allowed..

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