Maritime Security Guards Shoot Somali Pirates.mp4

Maritime Security Guards Shoot Somali Pirates.mp4

On board security team engage Somali Pirates. Does this conform to the Rules of Engagement; is it excessive or the way Maritime Security Companies should operate? Have your say.

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  1. defend urself ANY WAY POSSIBLE, KILL OR BE KILLED? I kill instead of being

  2. Why not to sink that boat? In all times piracy was a very serious crime and
    pirates were executed without any mercy. Time to do the same now. Othervise
    these attacks will never stop.

  3. Is this how they should operate? Why not?

    Seems fair to me….fire warning shots, and if they shoot back or try to
    board, shoot to injure/kill. Better they die than the people on the ship
    just trying to do their job.

  4. Completely the correct response. All merchant vessels travelling in suspect
    water should give out this response. It’s the only way to stamp out piracy.
    They only attack merchant ships because they know they are usually unarmed
    and wont put up a fight. If more of them met with this kind of stout
    defense piracy would evaporate

  5. pirates lives on the dumb Money they are getting one million a lot of guns
    in the hands of human trash monkeys with no evo geens just Waste those mf i
    think that there is a guy up there there is sorry for the produ of trash i
    think he look for a plan not to fuck up

  6. the warning shots fired way too late….they were lucky that boat wasn’t a
    suicide bomb boat capable of blowing a hole in the side of that ship

  7. I share the majority of sentiments… No warning shots, that’s an
    unnecessary expense. Treat every pirate with extreme prejudice, and let the
    sharks clean up the scraps.

  8. What do you think their intentions were? I’m pretty sure we all know what
    would happen if those pirates were to board the ship! I say give them
    rifles chambered in 338 to compliment the M4 rifles! Blow those bastards
    out of the water! 

  9. It amazes me how many people are "experts" and know how it should be done
    differently. For example Mr. Midshipman, fake? I know one of these guys
    involved. NOT FAKE. And another suggesting 7.64×51? No such cartridge. That
    could have been a typo. I’ll give you that.

  10. Stupid westerners who kill local fishers calling pirates . why do you
    violate somali waters in the first place. to fish illegally fck you moron

  11. Why warning shots? Just shoot to kill! If u let them get away, they’ll just
    ambush the next ship!

  12. I fail to understand why warning shots were given. Just aim as best you
    can. Probability dictates that most shots will go wide, so those can be the
    ‘warning shots’. A few shots will meet their mark, but it’s in the lower
    probability range, so that’s okay. Don’t waste ammunition shooting at
    nothing. I really fail to understand the logic of that.

  13. Good job guys instead of warning just shoot the bastards they deserve to
    die or to sink who cares about pirates anyone has any idea of what they
    will do to you if they capture you.So I don’t get why people are coming
    with all this health and safety bullshite

  14. Surprised some liberal hasn’t come on here and called these guys racist for
    shooting at black people lol.

  15. how can those "pirates"( just desperate people who die of hunger and choose
    this instead of that) could even climb that huge ship?

  16. Stupid westerners who kill local fishers calling pirates . why do you
    violate somali waters in the first place. to fish illegally fck you moron

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