Make way for The Queens Guard Prank

Make way for The Queens Guard Prank

@bmwJarvo Has landed himself a job as the Queens Guard. Don’t piss him off Please cool!
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  1. this is just stupid just sad I’m sure he can be arrested for imitating a
    Queens guard pluss I would not be fooled how scruffy does that uniform look

  2. The british people are really mad because they are "making fun" of these
    The stu…less smart people think they tried to act like its real even
    though prank is in the name
    The rest respect the video for its own sense of humor

  3. GUARDS ARE PROTECTING officials…you stupid idiot… that idiot guy is
    lucky he didnt die…

  4. People don’t respect other people these days that is the problem when u
    live in a free democracy. If u do that here in dubai the police will arrest

  5. its not assault when the guard told him to stop and the black moron kept
    harassing the guard . people are so stupid whether its a movie or not .
    this is reaching disrespect .

  6. Let me get this straight.
    You’re in England….
    Impersonating the Queens Guard. And NO ONE is calling you out on how bad a
    job you’re doing?

  7. I agree with that aged woman those soldiers sacrifice their lives for the
    queen and they’re just making a mockery about them

  8. Butt hurt lady at the end butt hurt about fake guards standing outside the
    house of a political figurehead with no real say.

  9. its funny how those tourists actually believe thats the real queens guard
    with no belt and SA-80 rifle in hes hands

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