Krav Maga Security Training in Israel VIP Tactical Shooting

Krav Maga Security Training in Israel VIP Tactical Shooting

Entrenamiento de Seguridad israelí Krav Maga en Israel Protección VIP y Guardias de seguridad del curso Formation à la sécurité Krav Maga israélien en Israël protection VIP et gardes de sécurité de golf .Israeliano Krav Maga formazione alla sicurezza in Israele VIP Protection and Security Guards Corso.Israeli Krav Maga Training Segurança em Israel Proteção VIP e Segurança Guardas Curso. イスラエルのVIPの保護と警備員コースでのイスラエルのクラヴマガセキュリティトレーニング. Israeli Krav Maga Security Training in Israel VIP-Schutz und Security Guards Platz. Izraelský Krav Maga Security Školení v Izraeli VIP ochranu a bezpečnostní stráže hřiště.Israëlische Krav Maga Security Training in Israël VIP bescherming en Beveiligers Course.Израильская крав-мага Обучение безопасности в Израиле VIP охране и безопасности гвардейской курс

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  1. Krav Maga is probably the best and most practical martial art out there.
    It cuts out all the nonsense and gives you all the essentials.
    I’ve always wanted to practice a martial art and when the time comes, no
    hesitation. It will be Krav Maga.

  2. Detailed lessons from the master of Krav Maga Ami Niv – 9 Dan " Krav Maga "
    , a black belt in Aikido ( 4th Dan ) , Ju-Jitsu ( 6th Dan )

  3. is zohan, the "special force" gay barber, your great example ? ……krav
    maga, is for inferior creatures, undermenschen who commit war crimes,
    terror and chaos in PALESTINA, not israhell,……// IF this gay martial
    art techniques are so "special", why the IDF, and gay special forces, use
    ultra modern high technology weapons, to UNARMED Palestinians, and create a
    BLITZKRIEG in Gaza, …such as nazi germany? it"s a IMMORAL and UNFAIR war,
    occupation, …..against an UNARMED population without an army, to protect
    themself, …….a David to gollaith unfair never ending war/etnic
    cleansing …./ so FUCK YOUR illegal country, occupation, and your INFERIOR
    gay martial art, krav maga devil’s art …..)

  4. this video is interesting. why, if I had a rifle would I let the guy attack
    me with a stick, block and kick the guy, then shoot him? if you are coming
    at me with a stick I’m going to but stroke you to the throat, only after I
    put two in your chest and one in the "t"

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