Justin Bieber’s Security Guard Prank

Justin Bieber’s Security Guard Prank

He dressed up as a guard to put Ellen’s audience through their paces. Check it out!

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  1. Beiber should do stand up or act in more funny movies cuz this shit was
    funny as hell lol.

  2. Man if I met a security guard like that an he told me to take off my shoe
    I’ll be like " oh yeah sure" and slap him with it

  3. This is so funny digger with the phone where justin say "I’ve never seen
    that before lol????

  4. If I was going to the Ellen show to see Justin Bieber (and Ellen), I
    definitely would have known that was Justin. Looks just like him even with
    the disguise. Fat suite and poorly made fake beard doesn’t hide anything XD

  5. Justin Beiber = Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead = Pewdiepie this 3 guys
    has same face what a luck

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