John Wick Club Scene (full scene)

John Wick Club Scene (full scene)

Badass Gun-Fu John Wick’s club/bar scene gives Tom Cruise’s (2004) Collateral a run for it’s money.
Great soundtrack as well.

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  1. My favorite part is when he stabs the first guy in the beginning. The music
    just makes it, and John just stares into his eyes and you can see the
    hatred that he has

  2. that guy at the end is in a very small population of people to have taken
    on John Wick and survived! Bravo

  3. I think this is Keanu Reeves best yet. He’s matured into an amazing actor
    and this is a new Keanu Reeves. Haha remember Bill and Ted’s excellent

  4. Watching this in the theatres blew my mind. Best 4-5 minute action scene
    I’ve seen in forever. No BS cgi, jump cuts, shaky camera and multiple
    camera angles

  5. I hear a street has been named after him. But they had to change it because
    no one crosses John Wick and lives.

  6. So we just gonna sit here and pretend we don’t see them Mark and Execute
    markers on each enemy?

  7. I think the most terrifying and dangerous aspect of John Wick isn’t his
    strength, speed, cunning, or even his accuracy- it would be his
    relentlessness. I love how the movie portrays him as an ever-stalking
    assassin coming after his target no matter what is in his way and no matter
    how long it takes him to kill all of those who try to stop him. He really
    is the Boogeyman.

  8. Even though John Wick 2 had bigger action I still think the original is
    better and this whole sequence is my favorite scene out of the two. The
    music really complemented the movements and I loved the camera work here
    along with the lighting.

    I’m excited for Chapter 3 even though I’m apprehensive about third

  9. This and Drive are the closest we’ll ever get to a Hotline Miami movie, and
    I’m okay with that.

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