Investigation finds rules for armed guards are ‘lax…

Investigation finds rules for armed guards are ‘lax…

CNN’s Drew Griffin investigates the licensing and regulation of armed security guards.

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  1. CNN are pro Hilary Clinton. they have supported terror like Hilary they would rather yu be disarmed and defenseless they are a Hilary lover …protect the second amendment

  2. Not that big of a deal? Moron deserves being shot in the face. Loser. The security guard should get a medal.

  3. A very serious problem was addressed in this video. Clients want to pay the rock bottom they can get away with for security. I understand wanting to save money. I would want to as well. However, the problem is this; As a result, security companies pay as little as they can get away with for officers, and that is usually well below the established poverty line. As a result, good officers are going elsewhere, and lousy officers are not. We still see the companies that will not do background checks because in some states they cost money. They take time, and that officer needs to be out there making money for the company, and THAT is the problem right there!

    Officers are not seen as anything other than earning potential. A profit margin. Therefore, a company will scrimp, screw, save, cut corners and avoid all things they can to maximize the profit margin per officer. I spent a lot of my own time and dime getting training of my own accord that I thought would make me a better officer, with higher training, worth more in the industry. All it did was make me undesirable to most of the companies out there, because with all my training, I would be worth a higher wage that they did not want to pay. Instead of hiring good officers, most want to hire idiots with the IQ of a week old carrot stick so that they can work the unholy shit out of them without concern that the officer might actually know his employee rights. Many companies still break those rules, hoping they will never get caught. They search for loopholes all over the employment spectrum.

    If there are low standards in the industry, it is because companies will not entertain higher ones, which will eat a big hole through their bottom lines.

    Be realistic. The only reason most security officers have a job is because the client, having us on site, gets a really great insurance rate discount. If they could get that same discount without having us there, we’d all be gone tomorrow. If our rates overshadow their discount, they will get cheaper officers from some other company. You KNOW that’s true as well.

    We have to convince state legislators to hold companies to task…

  4. lol@ harry plinkett u got it right that is the real threat in this country his they let these apes run ramped smh at

  5. The real danger to society are the millions of niggers running around with guns. Um yeah, they don’t have any safety training either.

  6. Not making excuses, but the kid who got shot at the Convenience Store doesn’t show any remorse about the events leading up to that evening. I’m not saying he deserved to get shot for shoplifting, but what he was doing was illegal. Performing illegal acts often results in unintended consequences to those involved. Play stupid games win stupid prizes!

  7. we just going to get some food and no big deal, big pussy, you do stupid shit,you get stupid shit.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they said he put the car in reverse to get away, then the kid said he turned around and saw the back window being blow out? Wouldn’t that imply that the security officer was behind him whilst he was backing out? (rapidly no doubt) I believe the argument could have been made that the security officer could have felt as if the "suspect" was attempting to use the vehicle as a deadly weapon? Assuming I understood the angles they layed out, of course.

  9. This is why ppl r against gun someone with a feels big and shots someone yes the victim was wrong but the security guard was in no danger he should not of shot if it was a cop everyone would have been rightfully against him. the only time you pull a gun and shoot is if you are in immediate danger. This guy is one reason why a lot of people are trying to mess with the 2nd amendment. 1 he was banned from owning, wearing, touching a weapon and he ends up shooting into a moving car that is moving away from him and he gets off with only breaking the law about wearing a gun… Pitiful

  10. Perhaps CNN should consider that in some states, disclosing ones juvenile record, if pardoned or nolled, or dismissed is NOT REQUIRED under law. Can’t speak for Arizona but in my home state that’s the case. Same with any criminal offense for that matter, even non juvenile.

  11. That’s Valley Protective service for you at Circle K.  They left the Flagstaff shooting out by VPS. Who have changed their name now.

  12. You have that problem in the police Dept. Some of these officers have college degree, and had extensive training and still causes a heavy liability because of their stupid decision. So what’s the difference. I think it’s a double standard.

  13. I would have done the same and shot at the looters as well. Why would you flee if you’re not guilty or claim to have no part in the crime?

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