Inside Story on Armored Cars | Secret Life of Money

Inside Story on Armored Cars | Secret Life of Money

Watch SECRET LIFE OF MONEY Saturday, March 30 at 9|8c on Discovery. | | Get the inside scoop on moving money in armored trucks and the dangers of this operation.

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  1. I’m am currently an armed security guard at a local college, how would i
    get about getting employed in this industry? And special qualifications or
    resume points? It looks exciting to me idk about others

  2. I see everyone on here asking why people do this work. I guess the simple
    answer is, we have LOTS of veterans that drove around Strykers in
    Afghanistan that decided to use that training and experience for the
    private protection industry driving around armored cars. If you become an
    armored car driver/guard, that experience can get you into careers like
    prisoner transport for your local sheriff, or security-police for light
    rail systems/subways, or can even make your background look better if you
    go to become an air marshal, or even better, you can probably become some
    celebrities bodyguard. I guess the simple way to put it is. If you’re
    trusted and experienced in protecting millions of dollars and
    pharmaceuticals on top of being experienced with firearms and the use of
    force, you’d make a perfect candidate for those other positions I

  3. Me too I did it for 7 and half years with Garda Cash Logistics in Atlanta
    ga. But for people wanting to work for any armored car company just follow
    the rules and no one outside of the family you get where you work has your
    back. .45 everything forget buying a 9mm; you want to blow chunks out of
    anyone that trys to test you. We carried AR 15 because one it’s a city and
    two we had some real bad murders in Atlanta. The worst being a guard named
    Fitz getting his head blown off by a shotgun at the West End Mall. Belize
    got shot in the shoulder, Trig got shot in the face. Another guy got his
    eyeball knocked out of his head. Any and everything can happen. Driving on
    the highway people try to get close to the trucks so they can sue you. Like
    Big daddy Lydell says trust no one. I still have family working in this
    industry, it is what it is. But the experience/training we used to go to
    T1G but things have changed. And you’re not a security guard. Remember it’s
    different than that you get a license to kill just keep that in mind do the
    right thing and biggest put God first.


  4. After 10 years in the industry, I can tell you that I was never protecting
    "cold, hard, cash" with deadly force. I was protecting
    1) my life 2) the lives of my crew 3) the lives of the public at large
    Fuck the money. It’s not worth a life. If someone got the drop on me, they
    could just take it. More will be printed the next day. Sensationalized

  5. One more thing for you guys that want to do this and with all the recent
    unjustified police killings you will be targeted; not just on work but in
    your personal life as well;your family will be targeted too. Threats to
    kill you/kidnapp you for that money. If you do be safe and mindful of who
    you talk to off work. No new friends. ??

  6. I’m 16 currently and looking into getting into this kind of work,any
    suggestions or tips? what are the traits needed? And would I go through the
    bank or police to get a job?

  7. Discovery, may I use a specific part(s) of this video for a video that I am
    currently creating? The video’s purpose is for people to learn and be
    aware. In addition, I am not making any money off by using your video or
    other publishers/creators video’s. Just to let you know the video is
    planned and will/most likely be uploaded publicly on July 17 2016. Sorry
    for the very early/late notice and thank you very much.

  8. the Federal Reserve you say? oh, you mean the criminal Federal Reserve? the
    private owned Federal Reserve? oh okay.

  9. yeah i work in mexico for PanAmerica these thugs just shoot to kill you
    guys are lucky lol

  10. I don’t understand who’d want this job. You run a decent chance of getting
    robbed/shot, and make *slightly* more than the cashier at Dunken Doughnuts.
    I say keep the extra two bucks an hour, I’ll put on the apron.

  11. Good Morning Friend’s I was wanting to know if you can tell me where
    to buy the Dunbar and brink’s diecast truck’s at and do you know if loomis
    has a diecast one on the market. Thank You

  12. that money is paper and ink, just like the paper we all wipe our ass with
    everyday. gold and silver are real money. goverment has everyone fooled.
    that shit is worthless.

  13. For ANYONE who is getting into the armored car industry. DO NOT join
    Dunbar. Join Brinks. Dunbar pays you $11.50/hr whereas recent protests on
    Brinks increased wages up to $14.50/hr average wage.

  14. 2016 – In California an regular Security Guard (with NO weapons) makes
    $10-12 an hour. Armed with Baton/Pepper/Taser make $12-14 an hour.
    California has stringent, time consuming and expensive way to get Firearm
    permits so Guards armed with handguns make $15-18 an hour. Working
    "Armored" is not only dangerous, but is also very Heavy labor. Some of
    those typical Money/Check/Coin bags weigh 60-80 Pounds. In central/coastal
    California the Armored Car and ATM Guards that I know make $18-20 per hour
    plus "benefits". Working Armored is not for the weak or the timid but to a
    lot of guys that extra $4-6 Dollars an hour plus Benefits is very enticing
    if you are already a Security Guard anyway. God Bless those guys. Their
    job is a LOT harder than most people realize.

  15. I said it once and I’ll say it again… Dunbar s*cks big d*icks. If you
    apply you have been warned.

  16. Hello everybody! My name is Cassio, I want to ask the help of you with some
    information about the private security job market. Please do not get me
    wrong, because I am Brazilian and I know that my people are not well
    regarded there out, but I assure you guys to my seriousness and honesty.
    People what is the salary of a vigilante, which the salary of someone
    carrying values of a company, as gains a strong car driver. How much does a
    vigilante course, how long the course. Ya’ll give me this and other
    information they deem necessary in respect of that employment? Personal
    peopl apologize for writing, because I still do not speak English, I’m
    using here is the google translator, which translates in a slightly wrong,
    personally I am very grateful to all of you …

  17. wow, they say these are secret armored cars that public shouldn’t find out
    about these particular cars yet they post a documentary of it on social
    media how smart. it’s almost like they want people to rob them instead of
    keeping it secret…

  18. Handgun or not, I hardly think any of them will risk their lives for $13 an
    hour. There are janitors who make more than that.

  19. I drove these trucks for 2.5 years. Worst job I ever had. Shit pay,shitty
    petty ass coworkers,ineffective management,shit weapons and crap rust
    bucket trucks. I started out at an LTL trucking company making what it
    takes a messenger at my old company ten years to make and have a better
    scedule and benefits. Fuck armored transport it sucks ass and taint!

  20. Being doing this business for 21 years and I certainly don’t protect cold
    hard cash with my life. I am protecting mine and my drivers lives.

  21. Garbagemen, Mailmen, Port-o-Potty cleaners make (way) more money then these
    poor dudes. They are not defending anything for the rate they make ! I sure
    as he’ll wasn’t. Dunbar and the hole cash logistic industry sucks monkey
    balls and are despicable! I’d rather be flipping burgers

  22. Brinks is hiring right now from where I live. I already applied twice two
    months ago and Brinks kept on extending their dead lines. In my opinion.
    They already rejected hundreds of applicants who were applying for the job.
    it looks obvious . If your not big enough. They won’t hire you. Just as
    simple as that.

  23. Good Morning Drew How are you hope all is well and thank you for the
    message about the armored truck’s I would love to do this kind of work but
    it’s very dangerous but I’ve alway’s wanted a brick home and this is great
    way to get a house is to have a great job like this and I’m going to look
    around online for brink’s and dunbar truck’s I’d love to have one of each
    to sit on my computer table and maybe someday I can get into a armored
    job. Thank You Brother

  24. I actually worked for this company and this clip is absolute garbage. Half
    the guys I worked with were either half in the bag or drunk for their
    weekend shifts. Most guys, including myself, would frequently leave stops,
    texting and generally not giving a f*ck. The driver, who would rarely ever
    be vigilant in such circumstances, would usually be texting, eating, or
    asleep behind the wheel. One day, there was intel from the local PD that a
    group of heroin addicts were planning on knocking off an armored truck. Of
    course, my branch manager didn’t relay this information until late in the
    day, after I had already completed the bulk of my stops. Luckily, the
    would-be robbers got cold feet and opted to find another, less risky way to
    earn a buck. All day long, while servicing ATM’s, BOA’s Santander’s etc, we
    would frequently be transporting around 100-500k. Imagine, all of this
    for a whopping 11.75 an hour. This job, while entertaining at times, was
    such high-risk, low-reward offering. 

  25. Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse Associates make as much as armored truck
    drivers. Working at Amazon, the employees do not have to wear a sweaty
    uniform and the hours are less brutal than armored truck drivers. Plus some
    of the Fulfillment Warehouse Associates can pick the hours they want to
    work and not be subjected to very dangerous conditions.

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