How to Prepare Your Dog for Guard Dog Training

How to Prepare Your Dog for Guard Dog Training

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Protect your home and family–and provide them with a loving friend– by giving them the gift of a guard dog.

Step 1: Pick the right breed
Pick the right breed of dog. German shepherds and Doberman Pinschers make the best guard dogs due to their protective nature. However, even gentle dogs can be good guard dogs with the proper training.

Remember that guard dogs are a form of security, like an alarm, but they are not attack dogs.

Step 2: Socialize your dog
Socialize your dog before beginning guard-dog training. Socialization is the process of getting the dog used to loud noises, such as traffic and thunderstorms, and getting them to recognize family and friends. This way the dog will be able to discern between normal and threatening scenarios.

Step 3: Begin basic obedience training
Give your dog basic obedience training. Going to classes and teaching your dog to follow basic obedience rules will establish you as the leader.

Start your dog’s training at an early age. This gives the dog a better chance to learn new things before developing bad habits.

Step 4: Practice positive reinforcement
Practice positive reinforcement. Reward your dog with treats for good behavior and ignore them completely when they behave badly.

Step 5: Identify property boundaries
Identify property boundaries to your dog during their guard-dog training. Train your dog to recognize your property as their territory. Use positive reinforcement to drive this point.

Step 6: Control barking
Control your dog’s barking. Using positive reinforcement, train your dog to bark when someone comes on to your property and to stop barking when given a specific command.

Step 7: Be consistent
Be consistent. The most important thing to remember when training your dog is to be consistent with your commands and the way you say them. This will help your dog understand you better, and will improve the results of their guard-dog training.

Did You Know?
Dogs have been man’s best friend for an estimated 15,000 years, when Eurasian gray wolves were domesticated.

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  1. I have 4 cats and 4 dogs the dogs is a doberman pincher a german shepherd
    ducht shepherd malinios cats are a biting ginger cats they are trained
    and the are super dangerous so better if you go to my home

  2. my dog is the lowest quality of dog breed but we did not train him to
    attack its just his instinct thats why i love my doggies

  3. My german shepherd dog seems a bit shy so I tried to make her a little more
    outgoing by teaching her commands and guard dog training

  4. Pitbulls are the best guard dogs! Doberman pinchers flip on there owners
    it’s happen to a few people I know! Pitbulls use to be nanny dogs back in
    the day and there natural guard dogs all you have to do is show them love

  5. Chek I have Doberman so lucky chek em have back on rols check I’m to check
    check me oute check woow

  6. You do realize that golden retrievers account for a higher number of
    hospital reported bites per year than German Shepherds OR Doberman
    Pinschers right? This was the most misinformed video on training I’ve seen
    yet! ::facepalm::

  7. After 5 months I finally taught my Giant Alaskan Malumute to attack using a
    code word AKA banana sprinkles I was attacked in the park by these older
    kids and I was with my dog and they looked at me funny when I kept
    screaming banana sprinkles but then they backed when they saw the dog
    growling ?

  8. Lol WTH my 3 year old danish swedish guarddog barkede like crazy when she
    was grown. They are also known for Boeing good alarms. If you want to see
    dog like mine probarly search this: dansk svensk gårdhund

  9. well, my dog is mixed with Doberman pincher. does that count? becus when my
    dad pretends to hit me she gets all crazy and jumps up to bite his hand.

  10. For anyone getting a guard dog I would recommend a bullmastiff or mastiff.
    They’ve been successful guard dogs in my family my entire life. Also
    marimers are good for live stock although for our live stock we used German
    Shepards or border collies

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