How To Get a Security Guard License in New York

How To Get a Security Guard License in New York

Find out How To Get a Security Guard License in The State of New York with Our Step-By-Step Video Guide. All Required Forms Can Be Downloaded At

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  1. Try Blue Steel Security (Brooklyn) or Black Hawk Security (Queens). They’re
    good, they’ll help you in every step of the way

  2. I got the 8-16hr but no dam license yet I’m working on it. Most likely by
    this Friday I’ll get my license (remember guys) you dont need a fireguard
    certificate to work but if you do your job needs to pay you more ($)_($)
    lol I’ll keep ya updated peace out

  3. If u go to a good training center they will do ur finger printing and help
    with ur paper work the day of ur 8hr class. I also recommend getting the 16
    Hr class done ASAP after the 8 Hr is completed. You also must take a annual
    8 Hr in service class every year or ur going to loose ur card and the
    ability to work. Also you most renew every 2 years. NYS has been doing
    aditting lately so get the 16Hr done.

  4. yea…getting the 16 hour course asap is essential…i did my 8 hour a
    couple weeks ago and waiting for the license in the mail and a lot of these
    jobs I’ve been looking at to apply for requires you to have the 16 hour b4
    hand….ive got day 1 scheduled for tomorrow for the 16 hour course as i
    wait for my license in the mail, hopefully it will be easier finding a job
    with it. and I’m also looking into getting a fireguard certificate/license.

  5. Its not worth it. I have all 3 gard cards. All employers want is ex police.
    The jobs dont pay that good.I would sugest do something that pays better.

  6. Where Do You Take Ur 16 hour ? Is there another school? Does the school who
    did the 8 hour do it ? Or is the job suppose to issue it ?

  7. The Department of Criminal justice services AKA DCJS just recently moved so
    its taking longer for people to receive a License. 

  8. Do I have to be from NY in order to become a NYS Security Guard? I am from
    NJ and have a NJ driver’s license. 

  9. Yes, go jump through the hoops and give the state your money in guard
    license fees so that you can make minimum wage and live in poverty. Guard
    work is for when you have to make a little money while working your way
    through college. Usually there are jobs where you sit all night guarding an
    empty building and can get your school work done. But then you get out of
    college and can’t get a job, either. So what is the point? Point is, choose
    your college major CAREFULLY. You won’t get a job unless you stick with
    hard sciences. Trade schools are better yet. You don’t see electricians out
    of work for years at a time. That happens to college educated people.

  10. So I am starting my 4 year as a so called security guard and I must say I
    regret the decision of becoming one to my bones, 4th year as a security
    guard and I still can not afford an apartment in the great city of New
    York, no credit, the PBA union letting my boss fuck me as he wishes, not
    enough money to buy food I end up one food stamps, long hours, you have to
    wait until someone comes to take over your position so you can go home if
    that person don’t come u fucked for not a lot money, just a dumb decision 

  11. by any chance is there anyone who may what number to call to start the
    classes an obtain the nyc sora license I am nj certified trying to get nyc

  12. I live in Buffalo so i have to idea to were a school is in NYC. Your best
    bet is to Google Security Guard schools in New York city

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