How To Become a Security Guard – Defensive Tactics Class | Unity One, Inc.

How To Become a Security Guard – Defensive Tactics Class | Unity One, Inc.

In this video, John is a defensive tactic instructor at Unity One, Inc. Training Academy. The trainer will be teaching a class on how to become a security guard patrol in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unity One, Inc. is one of the top and best security guard companies in its industry and they do all they can to train their officers with proper defensive takedown tactics.

For today’s class, there are four students that will learn pain compliance in take down submission holds. Unity One, Inc. offers unique techniques and teaches all their students principles to abide by. They want to make sure each graduate is considered one of the best security guard patrol officers. John stresses the importance of putting yourself in a master key position or point of reference position. This is ideal because you get the criminal into a vulnerable position and you are able to take different routes to take them down.

One of the methods he talks about cancels the depth and height of the individuals, which eliminates their ability to strike you back. There was another technique that gets the target to put all their weight into their right or left foot. By adopting tips and training, the students will learn how to become a strong and effective security officer. They are learning to redirect the force and get the person down safely. The trainer later instructs he will go over anchoring, footwork, and small circles with the trainees.

As one of the best security service agency in Las Vegas believe in putting safety first. Many of their trainers in the academy have previous experience serving in the armed guard services and in security guard services. Based on their experience in security, they are able to teach students safe techniques. Students who aspire to become security officer learn methods that do not involve striking, but rather keep them in control by redirecting the force. Unity One, Inc. also trains their students in private security and offer training in national security guard.

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