How To Become A Security Guard – Career Information

How To Become A Security Guard – Career Information How to become a Security Guard. Aiming Security Guards must choose first where they would choose to work after completing the training. After they have determined, they can continue on reading about how to become a Security Guard.

Job Description

Enforcing regulations and standards of conduct
Protecting property, patrolling industrial and commercial premises
Investigating disturbances

Skills Requirement

Excellent observational skills
Good motor skills and eyesight
Technical skills

Education Requirement

6 to 12-month certificate program
2-year Associate degree

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Being knowledgeable regarding how to become a Security Guard makes you a productive candidate. It enables you to accurately adhere to the correct methods towards gaining the career.

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  1. You dont need a 2 year associates degree or even go to college.To become
    one you just need a high school dipoloma then search for there at any place
    where you’re living. Once you found it you might need to take a training
    test and an application. The income a year is 20,000-25,000. Its a great
    job and you can make an improvement on people and enforce laws! I worked as
    one for a year at a club.Its a good job honestly,Not many problems.I had a
    firearm on the job though

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