Harijit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence of Canada, Given Guard of Honour In New Delhi

Harijit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence of Canada, Given Guard of Honour In New Delhi

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 18 April 2017
Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence of Canada, received Guard of Honour here at South Block today. Defence Minister Arun Jaitley recieved him after the guard of honour and both along with the Canadian High Commissioner and delegation moved inside the Defence Ministry. Harjit Sajjan, who was born in Hoshiyarpur of Punjab, has been visiting India for the first time after becoming the Defence Minister of Canada. He will be visiting Chandigarh, Amritsar, and also Mumbai during his 7 days long visit to India. He is expected to explore ways to deepen bilateral defence ties and security cooperation. In Punjab Sajjan will also visit the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) and will meet civil society organisations.

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  1. centre govt respect for sikh brother but state government congress dislike for you respect our brothers

  2. You make all Indians and Sikhs Proud. May Wahguru ji bleSs you. Big salute Sardar Harjit Singh Sajjan

  3. SIKHS are the best and my Best friend is a Sikh.I am a Hindu.But we all are Indians not Sikh/Muslim/Hindu etc.BUT SIKHS ARE VERY BRAVE 60% INDIAN ARMY IS OFF SIKHS WONDERFUL.I LOVE ALL SIKHS AND GURU GOBIND SIKH IS MY GOD. VAHE GURU JI DA KHALSA,VAHE GURU JI DA FATEH.JAI HIND JAI BHARAT. Proud to Have Largest population of sikhs in India

  4. proud to be a sikh, parmatma hor tarraki deve sajjan singh ji nu ta k hor naam roshan karan punjab te india da

  5. In India we should have such normal down to earth Political Leaders but here we see chamcha and without work busy people walkinh with Leaders

  6. Hindus bowing down to a Sikh who is not a congress or government puppet of rss shiv sena or bjp ghandi related..thank u canada for this day

  7. indian sikh should be higher post in indian army- being a hindu i have huge respect for sikh brothers

  8. Had hit the like button for the India Army guard of honour following the finest tradition but don’t like this India hater Harjit Singh Sajjan at all! No place for Khalistanis!!

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