Guarding The Queen Episode 1

Guarding The Queen Episode 1

For the very first time cameras have been allowed behind the scenes at the royal palaces to see the historic and hidden world of the Grenadier Guards.

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  1. Wow the Grenadier guards are so cool.
    GOD SAVE THE QUEEN she is loved all around the commonwealth.

  2. lol how can they guard the queen when they can barely see out of the hats
    (forgot what theyre called)

  3. Loved it when he squeezed his sister’s hand, They are human beings and that
    makes their service so much more admirable. Well done lads.

  4. people shouldn’t mess with the British soldiers. because unlike the others,
    they have a Queen to protect so they are serious.

  5. When he squeezed her hand right at the end and his sister and Mum were
    getting teary ??? If that was my son standing there, I’d be exactly the
    same ???

  6. Two years ago i studied in London at Brunel University and i had the
    opportunity to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and it
    was great! All the respect from Brazil to England.

  7. grenadiers can suck my ass….. im going Royal lancers but im more of a
    Coldstream fan myself

  8. How exactlydoes do they see when the bear Skins are pretty much covering
    their eyes down to their nose

  9. As in most armies the different reasons are not spoken as to the personal
    reasons for deciding to join, Even in battalions and training of valour and
    stealth each past can be bandaged and healed, but alike other solders the
    bonding with others can be taken away in the next forward position and
    advance, better to be covered in glory then your friends blood and brain
    mattersome find those things not found outside of the traditions and shine
    march past and cheer the grand show and plunk that cheeky grin – which is
    why and how you decide to over the top with mates and buddies those chums
    and colours true.

  10. When I get old enough I want to be a U.S. marine embassy guard or a mp or a

  11. As I understand it, all of the Guards Regiments take their turn at guarding
    the royal household. Wellington Barracks is very close by to Buckingham
    Palace, and that’s where the Guards are housed when they are on guard duty.

  12. what an honor,,,,, question, how are they dealing with your new neighbors
    living just blocks away, the ones taking over your country,,, is there an
    exit plan when your taken over? sorry if harsh but we can’t help but seeing
    it happen from across the pond here.

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